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Instagram Aesthetic

Tips for a Clean, Professional Instagram Aesthetic

Your Instagram aesthetic is one if the first things your potential customer will recognize when considering making a purchase from you. The colors, layout, tone, and overall feeling of your page will contribute to their first impression and can either gain or you a new follower or send them to one of your competitors. Creating a clean, professional Instagram aesthetic is not only visually appealing for your audience, but it also aids in improving brand awareness and overall business success. It showcase your brand’s voice, personality, and helps your audience recognize your brand when scrolling their feed.

With this all being said, we can not stress enough the power of a clean, professional Instagram aesthetic. That is why we thought it is important to highlight some key elements to focus on.

Establish your Brand

When someone lands on your Instagram page they should be able to gather a sense of who you are as a company and what makes you stand out from others. This makes the first step of defining your brand a crucial step. When you have your cohesive brand style guide set in place you will want to translate that over to your Instagram in a way that makes sense to your audience. Start with asking yourself these three questions:

Who is your target audience?

By asking yourself this question it allows you to drill down who your primary audience is which provides insight on how to speak to them, what they want to see, and what they like. A landscaping company will have a very different audience than an online women’s boutique and have very different looking Instagram profiles. 

What are your company’s core values?

Different brands will have a different objectives that will be portrayed through the look and feel of their Instagram page. It does not have to be a loud statement but rather it can be portrayed through your color choices, content subjects, and any messaging that is shared through stylized text posts.

What is your overall vibe?

This is an important question to think about when asking yourself what type of content you will be publishing. Does your brand keep it professional and strictly business? Or do you want to mix some more casual and fun content? What is your tone? Do you use slang to reach a younger audience or more of a professional tone? These questions will help you understand the “feel” you are going for.

Now that you have established your brand audience and tone we can move onto, brand COLORS!

Take Your Colors Seriously

Color is argued to be the single most important aspect when creating a unique Instagram aesthetic for your brand. Did you know that the colors you choose to represent your brand can impact consumer buying decisions? If not, you have learned something new today! Not only does it impact consumer buying decisions but also plays a role in your brand awareness. 

If you already have a website, logo, and presence on other social channels, use your pre-established brand colors. If you do not have these established yet start with brainstorming which colors represent your brand the best and create a color palette of six or less colors to incorporate throughout your brand’s assets.

Instagram Aesthetic

The Power of Editing

To successfully create a clean, professional, and cohesive Instagram aesthetic you will need to learn about your editing style. You should not be altering between a dark and moody image to light and bright content. If you have learned the power of editing your profile will look as if it was all created in the same day and in the same light.

The easiest way to ensure a clean and professional Instagram aesthetic is to be consistent with the editing of your graphics by using presets or filters. Instagram offers filters that you can apply to each post to enhance the quality of the image. Or you can use an editing program like Adobe Lightroom that allows you to create you own presets to cut down on time trying to remember exactly how much brightness or saturation you added to your image. Presets do all the work for you!

Plan Out Your Instagram Feed

After mastering your colors and editing style, it is time to plan out how you want your Instagram feed to look like. You want your feed to represent your company in the best way possible- professional, thoughtful, and informative!

By planning out your feed, it will show you what it will look like and which posts go better next together. You will also be aware of the flow of your posts, if you need more pop of color, less graphics, or more words. All important factors when creating that professional and clean Instagram aesthetic. Yes, planning out your feed will take an extra step, but it can save you time from edits down the road and has a huge impact on your overall Instagram appearance.

Are you ready to tackle your Instagram aesthetic with these helpful tips? We hope so! Set some time aside to brainstorm what you want your Instagram profile to represent including colors, tone, fonts, and your purpose! And you’re on your way to a clean and professional Instagram Aesthetic.

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