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Content Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye On

It is no small secret that content marketing can be very advantageous to businesses.  From blogs to videos to social media, producing content can help you gain, and keep, a loyal audience.  In 2023, its not enough to just have a great product or service, promotion and connection are at the forefront of a solid content marketing strategy.

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A Few Things That Will Never Go Out of Style

  • Value-adding, quality content.
  • A user-first experience that is human focused.
  • An authentic, empathetic, and connection focused approach.

Audiences now are less likely to want to be sold to and would rather spend their dollars on a brand and company that they feel a strong connection with.  Gone are the days of pitches and slogans.  Focusing on connection will help in the long run. 

Here’s what we think will be big for the rest of the year! 

1. Data and Research

People will be more inclined to trust your content if it is backed by research and even uses data, depending on the topic.  This not only makes it trustworthy, but ultra shareable, giving you more eyes on your business as well highlighting your company as a thought leader in your industry. 


2. Avoid AI

With AI, it is difficult to get accurate content.  As we know, Google promotes human focused content that isn’t spammy or manipulating search results, and isn’t completely against AI content.  However, as the world of AI is still new and possibly under researched, it is best to have a human create the content to keep the focus on the reader and the audience.  

3. Keep Audience Conversions in MInd

While we as a collective may be beyond the point of using slogans and pitches, a call to action or an incentive to interact or complete a purchase is necessary.  By keeping the approach connection-focused, you can draw more people in organically.  

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4. Give Short Form Videos a Try

The beautiful thing about this form of video is that it is attention grabbing and highly shareable.  Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebooks’ Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts are all great places to try out and post these short form videos for an increase in engagement. 

To learn how to optimize your video content for search engines, check out our blog on video SEO here! If you’re interested in learning even more, read our eBook here

5. Utilize SEO

Search engines have taken the time to figure out what humans enjoy reading and watching, so it’s important to create an SEO plan based on what search engines want.  Research different keywords to use in and as the title of your content to help it rank as high as possible on Google.  

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