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SEO Services in Grand Rapids and Beyond

“How Can I Get My Company’s Website Listed Higher in the Search Engines?” This is a common question that we are faced with daily. With the increasing demand for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services in Grand Rapids and throughout the United States, we have recently restructured our program to benefit our clients and their website rankings. Whether you’re a local company looking for SEO services in Grand Rapids or located across the country, we will be able to provide you with results-driven SEO services tailored to your company’s objectives!

Benefits of an effective Search Engine Optimization strategy: 

Investing in SEO Services is a long-lasting investment that will attract new customers, increase sales, increase brand awareness, and drive traffic to your well-manicured website. If executed correctly! The great benefit of a Search Engine Optimization strategy is its ability to capture your target audience at the exact moment they are looking for your product or service. The goal with this type of strategy is to be on the first page of Google, above your competitors! Obtaining a position on the first page of Google not only provides an opportunity for increased website traffic but also a sense of credibility and trust amongst your audience. Who doesn’t want that?! The combination of an aesthetically pleasing website design and development paired with a strong SEO strategy will continue to produce results for your company and pay for itself.

When teaming up with the Spectrum Net Designs Team the below SEO services can be included in every package. 

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Google Services

By setting up your website with Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Google My Business, and much more, we are able to track information such as the number of visitors, pages visited, keywords search queries to find your website, insights into crawling and indexing activity on the site and vital search statistics. All reporting will be done monthly with traffic statistics and analysis. 

Keyword Research & Strategy

Our SEO services include an extensive keyword research strategy. We will discover high traffic and attainable keyword and keyword variations and then develop a search engine optimization strategy to drive traffic to your site. We will utilize many tools to find those untapped keywords and improve your search engine rankings. 

 How to Find New SEO Keywords

On-page optimization is now one of the most important factors of your search engine optimization service. We will create a strategy, and outline a detailed plan for 12 months to show you that optimization can be extremely effective. From on page tags, image optimization, back end metadata, and much more, we will work to get your site to the top of Google. 

 Monthly SEO Services

A contributing factor of top rankings is the buildup of increased incoming links across the web. This is an element of service that helps to increase the number of links to your website as well as increase its link popularity. We will submit your website to quality sites for the placement of links for you.

 Off-Page Optimization Services

Help drive more local revenue to your business with local traffic and quality leads. We provide local SEO services that include Google My Business Optimization and help you acquire links to local Chamber of Commercial and online reviews. With these Local SEO strategies, you can increase your online footprint all while attracting more foot traffic to your locations. 

 What is Local SEO?

We can provide content writing for your blog posts, website, and social media sites. Not only will this help your SEO, but it will provide value for your users! Our content writer will contact you and talk about the services you provide so that they can get a clear understanding of your services in order to write informative articles. However, since you know your company best, we recommend that you provide the information to us.

 Content Writing Services

We will create content related to your specific industry and publish on your blog. A minimum of 2 posts should be published each month. If there is not a blog currently on your website, we can set one up for a one time charge. Blogging is a great way to improve your SEO

 Blogging Services


Monthly Reporting

Each month you will be provided with a report to show your SEO campaign results as well as the traffic that was sent to your website from the search engines. You will be able to see everything from crawl errors, and index issues and correct them in a timely manner so your website doesn’t lose momentum on the search engines.

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“Shannan has been very communicative about what she’s doing and why. That’s been great.  I get the sense that we’re getting a bigger audience this year. Lots of calls from areas further out than normal: Jenison, Caledonia, Byron Center. That’s a good sign.”

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