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Blog Writing & Management

Keeping your website and blog updated with fresh content is very important when it comes to visitors as well as the search engines. Making sure your site is easily found in online searches is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Visitors and search engines, such as Google and Bing, like to see a website that is being updated on a regular basis.  Google likes to know that you are an established company and are active with your marketing.

A blog takes care of some of these concerns.  We typically recommend at least a monthly post so that your website continues to stay active.

Benefits of a Blog

Inbound & Outbound Linking

A contributing factor of top rankings is the build-up of increased incoming links across the web. This is an element of service that helps to increase the number of links to your website as well as increase its link popularity. 

Search Engine Optimized Posts

  • Optimized search phrase
  • Title, description, keywords
  • Optimized images and video
  • Tilde keyword placement
  • Keyword density
  • Proper cross linking
  • Url structured blogs (permalinks)

More Leads & Conversions

  • Write for an audience of 1; not 1 million
  • Tell a story – the whole story
  • Test your methods, images, links
  • Offer a Call-to-Action
  • Offer specials or benefits
  • Utilize testimonials

We will work with you to create a blog customized to your brand. We can produce content related to your specific industry and publish with or without assistance from your company. We know you’re busy, and we have years of industry knowledge to put to work for you.  

It is known that “the more, the merrier”, and that also goes for blog posts.  A minimum of 2 posts should be published each month to keep traffic flowing and provide fresh content to keep the search engines happy.  If there is not a blog currently on your website, we can set one up for your company.  Contact Laura at 866.773.2638 or email her at

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