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How To Build A Brand Style Guide

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10 Steps to Capture Your Company Image

The goal of a brand style guide is to have a set list of guidelines that employees can follow to present an accurate and consistent representation of your company’s image. If a company doesn’t have a uniform image, it will lack recognition and customers won’t trust the brand. Afterall, why should they buy a product from a company that can’t figure out who they are? Download our eBook to learn how to create a fantastic brand style guide!

How To Build A Brand Style Guide

What You'll Receive

  • A comprehensive overview of what should be included in your style guide
  • Tips on who should be included in your style guide creation process
  • Bonus final checklist to help you stay on track while building your style guide

The Importance of Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is the ability for your company to be recognized and remembered by customers. It is extremely valuable for a company to focus on recognition, because the more that customers remember them, the more likely they are to purchase their product. Having a cohesive brand style across all company materials is one of the major ways to enhance brand recognition. Not only that, but consistent branding gives a company a more professional image. Building a brand style guide sets a standard that all of your branded materials should meet to help improve your company image and brand recognition.

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