National Marketing Strategy or Local? Which is best for your goals?
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Local vs National Marketing Strategy- Understand the Difference!

When deciding on utilizing a local vs national marketing strategy, it will be influenced by two key factors: the size of your company and your target market. If your target market consists of the local population, the strategy you will employ is different from that of a national corporation. What are these differences? Let’s explore the differences between a local vs national marketing strategy. ­­

Social Media Marketing

One of the first differences is the use of social media marketing for both local and national marketing strategies. Today, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become valuable marketing tools. Depending on the audience you are trying to reach, these services should be used differently.

Local Social Media Strategy

If your audience is in the local population, you are capable to use social media more interactively. This is because the responses are generally limited. Strive to make local references in your posts, as this will catch the attention of the local consumers. If there are newsworthy events happening in your area, also try to reference these in your posts in increase engagement. There are about 40% of local businesses that are utilizing social media to help increase traffic and conversions.

National Social Media Strategy

National campaigns will use social media differently. Instead of referring to those local events, they will create generic posts and only refer to relevant national events. Unlike the smaller local companies, they can only respond to a small perfect of comments.

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Marketing Method

The marketing methods that are used for local and national marketing strategies are typically different.

National Marketing Method Strategy

National marketing focuses on the promotion of a company. Large companies use this strategy to help get their brand out there, create brand awareness, and make it recognizable to their target audience. When customers see a brand regularly pop up, they are more inclined to trust it.

Local Marketing Method Strategy

On the other hand, local companies focus more on marketing their products and providing outstanding customer service. They will make their brand known locally by engaging in local activities to build up their reputation. The smaller companies will often engage with charity events to help get their name out there.

The Medium Used

Another difference between local and national marketing strategies is the medium being used.

National Medium Used for Marketing

National marketing will utilize media that is capable of reaching people all over the country.

Local Medium Used for Marketing

Local marketing can be done with local television stations, radio, and newspapers. Local companies can distribute flyers, posters, or t-shirts to their target audience within their area. This can indirectly promote their products or services.

Marketing Costs

As you would predict, the marketing costs associated between local and national strategies differ drastically.

National Marketing Costs

The cost of acquiring a new customer can be high for national strategies. Since the market is so large, you will need to repeat your message multiple times to become memorable, and this comes with a cost.

Local Marketing Costs 

When utilizing local marketing you can buy time on local radio, regional papers, and local television to support your internet marketing which is less expensive. Local companies always have access to free advertising such as Yellow Pages and email lists. Email marketing tends to be less effective for national marketing as the customization options are limited. The smaller companies have the time to spend on customizing their emails to better suit their smaller audience.

The Focus of their Website

No matter if you are a local or national company, your website is a key marketing tool. For the best results, it should be optimized to rank high in SERPs, so you have the opportunity to reach more customers. When implementing your SEO strategy, consider the relevance of the keywords that you rank for and make sure they’re tailored for your target audience. As over 50% of traffic is generated from mobile devices, the importance of mobile responsiveness is at an all-time high. This goes for both local and national companies, having a mobile-friendly website is essential. To help increase sales and engagement, your site should also be easy to navigate for your customers and easy for them to find what they are looking for. This will not only help with your conversion rate but also encourage customers to return.

Local Company Website Focus 

Local companies can incorporate local SEO by adding their location in the headings, page titles, and body copy plus set up their company on Google My Business. This will help their local audience find their business. Local businesses can tailor their websites to suit their local audience. As with a local social media marketing strategy, local companies can use their site to reference local events.

National Company Website Focus 

National companies will need to have a site that suits their national audience. Instead of referencing local events they will refer relevant national events to engage their audience. Typically, you will see national sites be less personal than a local site.

The key differences between a local vs national marketing strategy is their marketing method, medium used, marketing costs, and the focus of their websites. Before you launch your marketing strategy for your business consider these differences to ensure you implement the correct one!

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