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10 reasons to advertise on facebook

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising on Facebook

Reach More People Through Facebook

Over the last 7 years Facebook has swept the nation. It’s said that there are over 1.69 billion Facebook users in the world today, and 223 million of those users are based in the US. Facebook has become a great place for old friends to reconnect, for new friends to keep in touch, and for businesses to communicate with their customers. Not only does Facebook serve a wide variety of purposes, but it’s always changing and always improving, making it a great platform to be a part of. In the last few years pages, groups, advertising and have all continued to improve helping businesses and small companies make the most out of their online social presence. As a business owner, you might already have a Facebook page and possibly even have built up a little following over the years – but are you truly advertising your business on Facebook? Let’s dive into the many reasons that utilizing Facebook to advertise is important for your business.

What Does Advertising on Facebook Mean?

You have probably asked yourself, “should I advertise on Facebook?” and have then pondered, “what does advertising on Facebook actually mean?” Facebook advertising can be interpreted in a few different ways – which is ok! Advertising on Facebook can be anything from promoting your products and services by organic posts on your business page, to strategically planning out paid Facebook Ads to target your ideal audience. Our 10 reasons why you should be advertising on Facebook will cover you no matter where you are in your journey. It doesn’t matter if you have JUST created your business page, or if you already have built a following – we have something for you.

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising on Facebook

-Build your following
If you are new to Facebook, it’s likely that you don’t have much of a following on your social profiles – but you’re in luck, because Facebook is the perfect place to build your following up simply by beginning to share about your business on your page. Many people find it beneficial to begin by sharing their business posts to their personal pages so that friends and family can follow along! Soon enough you’ll begin to see your followers grow.

-Expand Your Reach
As we stated at the beginning of this blog, Facebook has over 1.6 billion users, what better place to expand your businesses reach? It doesn’t matter where your business is physically located, when you put your business on Facebook, it allows you to reach a whole new group of people, ones that are located near and far!

-Connect with Your Audience
Because so many people use Facebook, it has become a great way for people to connect with other people, and the same goes for businesses. Facebook allows people to message your business and page directly and lets you connect back, helping you connect with your audience in a more simple and direct way.

-Target Your Ideal Customer
Targeting your ideal customer has never been easier. Facebook Ads walk you through the simple process of setting up each paid ad you run so that it is seen by the right people at the right time. It allows you to focus in on the customers that you WANT, not just the customers you already have.

-Save Ad Settings That Work
Once you know what gets the attention of your customers, Ads will also allow you to save settings for previous ads so that you can use them in the future when necessary. This makes it so easy to keep track of the ads that you want to replicate in the future!

target your ideal customer

-Become Accessible to Your Customers
Facebook offers so many great options for users and businesses to become more accessible to their customers. For example, Facebook live allows businesses to become much more “human” by simply coming to their audience live! Facebook messenger also makes it easy for clients and businesses to talk in a simple and straightforward way.

-Showcase Every Side of Your Business
Not only can you promote your products and services on Facebook, but Facebook also makes it easy to promote your company culture as well. Don’t be afraid to showcase all aspects of your business. People love to see what makes a company unique, and social media like Facebook makes that easier than ever.

increase your sales

-Measure Your Results & Find Areas for Improvement
Facebook Ads also provide easy and straightforward reporting features so that you can measure each paid ad’s results – finding places for improvement and things you might want to change in the future!

-Increase Your Sales
Newsflash…did you know that all of the things stated above, building your following, expanding your reach, targeting your ideal customer, and the other stuff too will help you increase your sales? Yes! Generally speaking, as you continue to grow your base your sales will continue to increase as well!

-Create a Lasting Imprint with Your Business
Lastly, another reason that you should use Facebook to advertise is to create a lasting imprint with your business. It seems that so often businesses open and close with not near the recognition that they deserve, and social media gives you the chance to change that! Facebook allows you to reach further and impact more people with your company and business.

So if you’ve asked yourself “should I advertise on Facebook?” you now have your answer! If you are not already advertising with Facebook in any capacity, now is the time to start! Start by making your business a page – and take the leap into paid advertising as well! Facebook can bring your business to the next level if you let it!
If you aren’t sure how to get started with Facebook, or need some direction and help getting started, contact us today! Our team is more than happy to help you get started.

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