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How To Boost Your Audience Through Live Videos

How To Boost Your Audience Through Facebook Live Videos

Building Your Following One Video At A Time

With social media taking marketing efforts to new levels, there are always new things to be learned and to be utilized when it comes to your marketing campaigns. Live videos are one newer feature that has gained popularity across the nation on social platforms. Facebook and Twitter live videos are not just great for your average Joe to stream a fun experience with their friends and family, but they also are an under-utilized resource for businesses to use in their marketing efforts. If you are a business and are not using live videos, read on below, and if you are a business that currently uses live videos but feels like you could improve your strategy, we can help you too!
Let’s start by exploring why Facebook live videos are so popular on social media, so often we see that little “live” icon pop up on someone we follow as they begin a stream that ends up saved and posted to their page. Live videos are raw and real, they are completely unedited and generally fairly transparent. Live streaming is a great way for a business to connect in a much more personal manner with their audience. In most cases, consumers appreciate transparency from the businesses they are buying from or working with. Transparency harbors trust, builds your brand, and shows integrity – all of which are great characteristics for your business to draw in a new audience as well!
So, we know that live videos can be used as a tool for transparency for your business, but what other ways can you utilize live streams to boost your audience?

Show off new products or services

One way to use live videos on social media is to show off new products or services that your business or company is offering. This is a great way to connect with your existing audience to let them know what is happening on the business side of your company. If people are excited about the new product or service, they will likely share it with their friends, or even recommend it via social media by sharing your video which will quickly build up your audience through referrals. In addition to building your audience through your current followers, you also can utilize paid advertising on your live streams. Facebook allows you to promote your live stream videos making it simple to get your content in front of the right people at the right time.

Live stream events or gatherings

Streaming events or company get togethers is a great way to mix in a little bit of fun to your live streaming. Depending on your business, this approach might work better than others. For example, if you run a sports store, you might host a local 5k each year to promote your business and get the community together while being active. In this case you might want to advertise that you’ll be live streaming the runners as they finish the race! This allows all of the family and friends of the runners to cheer them on from home or wherever they might be as well as get to know your business through your live video. Be sure to get creative when you start thinking about what events or get-togethers you can live stream – each industry and company is going to be different when it comes to finding what works for you!

How To Boost Your Audience Through Live Videos

Allow your audience to get to know your staff better

Staff streams are a great and fun way to allow your audience to get to know your business on a more personal level. The options are endless when it comes to how you can utilize staff in your live streams. If you are a company that doesn’t mind being a little laid back, you could do a live stream of fun get-to-know you questions with each of your team members. If you want to take a more structured approach with the stream, you could put on an interactive question and answer time about a specific product or service – it would be a great idea to run a small campaign leading up to a question and answer live stream just to let people know when it’s happening so that they can have time to prepare any questions they might want to ask. Although a structured question and answer time will not provide the personal insight to your staff like get-to-know you questions would, it is still a great way for your audience to talk personally with your staff when they normally might not be able to.

Be sure to show off your company culture

We are strong advocates for showing off your company culture to your audience. What makes your business unique, fun, and different from your competitors? What makes your employees love working for your company? Those are the things that you want to show off to your audience and live streaming is a candid way to do so. For example, if you are a smaller business that brings in donuts or something to celebrate each of your employees birthdays, it would be a great idea to live stream everyone talking over their food, maybe singing happy birthday, or even going over to ask the birthday employee what the best part of turning one year older is. Of course this is just an example, there are tons of ways that you can showcase your company culture to your audience and allow them to “be a part” of your business virtually!

There are tons of different ways that businesses can use live videos to boost your audience and connect on a deeper level with the followers you already have – we hope that we have helped you discover a little better the different ways that your company can utilize the tools in front of you to help create a sense of transparency, trust, and familiarity from the people that you want to reach with your product and services all the while taking your social media marketing campaigns to the next level.

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