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4 Things You Can Do Today For Your Marketing Strategy

Tasks that will take less than 5 minutes to do!

So many articles about developing and maintaining your marketing strategy focus on big picture and long-term plans. But sometimes you a) want to do something tangible NOW b) only have a few minutes or c) lack inspiration to start. We all find ourselves in that position every now and again. So here are four things you can do today in less than 5 minutes to jump start your motivation!

Review Your Social Media Information

Take a glance at your social media bios, about section, contact information, links, and profile pictures. Make sure that everything is still up to date, that you are using the most recent version of your logo, and that everything is consistent across each social platform. Make any quick changes that you can or add tasks to your to-do list for next time.

Come Up With 1 New Blog Idea

No, we aren’t saying write a whole blog – just come up with an idea. That way, when you go to write a new blog you know exactly what you are getting ready to write about. This can help you center your thoughts and be more excited to write when the time comes, because you can just start writing without having to think of an idea first. Plus, giving yourself a short amount of time to pick an idea helps you from overthinking it!

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Find 3 Images You Like

These could be images in your company’s files, or you can scroll through a stock photo website, like Pexels. Find three images that you would want to use as future social media posts or in your next blog. You don’t have to do anything with them now if you don’t have time, but hopefully they will spark inspiration when you go to create a new social campaign!

Brainstorm Some Long-Tail Keywords

Give your SEO a little love and come up with some new long-tail key phrases that you want to rank for. Maybe you have a new product coming out, a particular brand that you’re pushing, or are coming up on a specific seasonal trend in your industry. Make a list of your ideas to research and implement into your content in the future.

There you have it! Four quick things you can do for your company’s marketing strategy right now! Hopefully these tips will spark inspiration for what you should work on next or will just give you something to do to fill your time for the last few minutes of the day. Regardless, we hope this has been helpful!

What Other Marketing Tasks Can You Complete In 5 Minutes?

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