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Multi-Parcel Simulcast Debuts at 2017 Conference & Show

2017 Conference & Show | Columbus Ohio

Real Estate auctions are becoming an increasing part of the real estate markets. We hear every day the many creative ways auctioneers use the auction method of carrying out the sale of each of these unique properties. With the ever-changing industry, it is important that the tools to carry out these endeavors are developed and updated along with it.
It was our pleasure to exhibit at the 2017 NAA Conference & Show this past month in Columbus, OH. It was a perfect venue to introduce and demo our Multi Parcel Auction platform.

Kurt Kaptein, President of Spectrum Net Designs says “It has become clear that due to the complexity of this type of auction, it is not the first piece of an auction providers software portfolio that get the attention. We saw a need and we believe that we have fulfilled it”.

The multi-parcel option has been brought to a new level with the introduction of this online method. Not only will it take care of the typical ballroom scenario but it also includes the ability for the bidders to bid online in conjunction with your live audience. A multi-par simulcast is what we call it.

The software made its debut last month as it was used to sell 4,000 acres in 31 parcels with at least 2.5 million dollars of real estate being sold to the online bidder. You may ask: Is this all there is to it? Kurt Kaptein says “We will continue to develop this software based on feedback from auctioneers who use it. There is not anything like it on the market that gives you the ability to include online bidders with the live ball room setting, so we are blazing a trail”.

At the 2017 Conference & Show one of the messages was that our industry cannot afford to stand still; this is the message that the auction industry providers need to heed as well. Continue to provide truly dynamic products to the industry. We believe the auctioneers will be served best by it.

For a demo of the software, you can visit and request that a free demo be setup for you.

Multi-Parcel Simulcast