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The World Changed 30 years ago, today we celebrate...

Tim Berners-Lee, a smart man born in London, England set out to change the world. Berners-Lee graduated from The Queen’s College, Oxford with a bachelor of arts degree in physics. While still in college he made a computer out of an old television set that he bought second hand. In his early 30’s & by October of 1990 Tim Berners-Lee had developed a proposal, explaining his idea & had already created the 3 main parts of what would make the World Wide Web work, HTML, URL, & HTTP. Each of these parts are an integral piece to the puzzle he created. The first page of the web went completely live in late 1991. 

Tim Berners-Lee

It didn’t catch on like wild fire though, the WWW took time; starting in Universities & Laboratories. Today, about half of the world is online & almost 2 billion websites exist. Berners-Lee is now using the celebration of 30 years  up and running to touch on the topic of hackers & some of the unethical things that are being done on the web. He stated that he wants technology to be a vehicle for “public good”. On Monday he put out a “contract” that shows what he hopes the web can become. Going forward, Tim Berners-Lee hopes good for the WWW & wants only to see the world united through this beautiful piece of technology.

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