Like Last Updated: Jul 17, 2018

How do Colors Affect E-Commerce Purchases with Online Shoppers

Do you know how colors affect your purchases?

Colors are everywhere, and the colors you choose for your brand will either make or break your image. For retailers, selling is the art of persuasion.  Online shoppers are there to buy and be done, not run from store to store looking around.  They know what they want and determined to buy now.   There are many factors that influence how and what consumers buy online.  A large part of every decision is based on visual cues, and the strongest and most persuasive is color.

Color and North American Consumers

Color is the one of the most powerful methods of design.  However, it is not entirely universal.  Color that entice in North America are different from those that entice in India.

Other Influences

Color is not the only item that influences consumer behavior.  For online shoppers, design, buzz words and convenience affect their need to shop.

Overall Design

For many online shoppers, poor website navigability and poor overall design are the reason they choose not to purchase from a particular website.

Element of Time

Speed, efficiency and convenience are some of the many reasons shoppers are turning to the internet retailers.  Having a website that runs even five seconds slower than your competitors could mean a huge economic loss.