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On the Move, Move…Mobile Website Design

Everywhere you go, people are on the move! Zipping here, zipping there. Over here .Over there. Here and there, everywhere. On the road. In the mall. In the air, on the ground. Walking, running, driving, boating, flying. Rush, rush, rushing. No time. All the time. Move, move… mobile!

Surf the net at home, on your desktop computer? Are you kidding? We’re all too busy running around like White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. “Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!” And as he ran, he took his watch out of his pocket and looked at it as he hurried on. More and more of us are looking at our pocket watches as we hurry on. Pocket watches?!?! No, our phones! Our tablets!

On September 25, 2012, Google Mobile Ads Blog reported research that showed that 67% of users are most like to buy from a mobile-friendly site than one that is not. (You can find that blog here) The trend for 2014 is that most websites will have almost 40% of their visitors accessing their sites from a mobile phone or tablet as compared to a desktop. That percent has more than doubled since 2011. The result? If you’re relying on your website to remain in business, you need to have your website move into responsive design for all mobile devices.

What is responsive design? Simply, it’s a website design that will “look good” no matter what device it’s being viewed on. No matter if it’s a SmartPhone, an iPad, or a tablet, the user will not have to use his/her fingers to adjust the screen size or zoom in on the information. It will provide everyone who visits your site with a user-friendly experience. Having one responsive website design / mobile website design is also better for your SEO management. Why? Again, the answer is simple. It’s much easier to manage one site and one SEO campaign than it is to manage two.

Still not convinced? Look around you! At your business. At the mall. At a restaurant. In a car. At your home. They’re all White Rabbits! They’re everywhere!!! Do you think they’ll really take the time to view your site if it takes more than just one click? No! They’ll bounce off and move on to the next site. The one that’s automatically adjusting to the proper size based on the device being used. That’s where they’ll land. That’s where they’re mostly likely to convert. Keep up with White Rabbit! Move, move, move…. mobile!

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