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rebrand your business

Looking to Rebrand Your Business? Consider These!

Rebranding your business is necessary to keep your business afloat. It demonstrates that your business is current and capable of reinventing its image so you can continuously resonate with your audience. Brands can lose momentum over time, so it is important that you freshen up your brand and offer your audience a new experience.

With that being said, rebranding your business is not a simple task. The challenge that lies within is being able to modernize your brand identity without straying away from your core principles and values. If not done correctly, you can potentially lose loyal customers and have a hard time generating new ones.

It’s important to come up with a rebranding strategy that will create opportunities for your business, not risks. We’ve come up with some simple tips to consider when starting this task.

Commit to A Goal

When developing your rebranding strategy- first, ask yourself what? What is the main reason you are changing your brand identity? Have you noticed that you are losing customers? Is your brand becoming outdated with your audience? Whatever the answer is, it is important that you have a strong reason for freshening up your business image.

The amount of time this will take to set up goals for this rebrand is understandable. Rebranding your business is not a small decision, so it is important that you make the most of it. Without a vision or purpose in mind, you could end up wasting time, money, and resources on needless brand improvements that could hurt your following in the end.

Do Some Research

This should be a no brainer. It is not enough to just have a goal in mind. You will need research ideas for your rebranding strategy to help you execute successfully. Within your research for your strategy you will want to make sure you are covering all points that are included when making a big move like this. There are many moving parts to this.

If you are looking to become more relatable to the interests of today’s generation, you will want to spend some time analyzing their browsing and buying habits. You can also do a competitor analysis to see how they handle their rebuild-branding activities. Understand what makes them unique in the market and check out if their efforts had a successful impact or lack thereof.

The best way to understand this is by looking at how their audience interacts across their platforms. Are they motivated and engaging? What are some things that your competitors do that you don’t? By making these comparisons, it provides insight into areas you can improve and even adopt these into your own strategy in a unique way to your business.

Try to be unique when adapting strategies from your competitors. Rather than copying them, you should see if there is a way to improve what they are implementing. From there, you will end with a fresh brand image that will generate interest amongst your audience.

Be Consistent

In most cases, a rebrand leads to a profound change in the personality and appearance of a business. This does not have to always be the case if your brand has generated a loyal following. If you want to focus more on keeping up with aesthetic trends, it would be smart to retain certain elements such as your brand colors and tone of your messaging.

If you are looking to spruce up your brand kit you can use logo generator, but be careful that you do not stray far from what makes your company authentic. Other than your logo, think about making subtle changes to your marketing materials that you publish. You can revamp your social media platforms and graphic templates. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles without straying far from your original imagery.

rebrand your business

Use Promotions to Build Interest

By rebranding your business, it shows your willingness to innovate and gives your audience a reason to continue engaging in your content. You will want to promote your rebrand to your audience in the right way. Try publishing videos or story teasers and send out emails that announce major changes in your brand identity.

Try building momentum to your big announcement by providing subtle hints and not giving too much away. You can also look into other tactics like social media and SEO-driven branding strategies to help raise awareness even further and to a larger audience.

Keep an Eye on Your Numbers

Just like every other marketing strategy, rebranding your business is a continuous process. It does not end on your official launch date, and there is still more room for changes and improvements. After launching your rebranding to your audience, you’ll want to be prepared for when the results fail to deliver on your expectations- or succeed more than you thought! But either way, be ready to look at your numbers and adapt.

For this reason, keep tabs on how well your new imagery is performing. How are customers responding to the change? Look into both positive and negative feedback to understand where you are falling behind or exceeding your targets.

You will also want to track your engagement across platforms. Look at number of new users that liked, shared, or commented. In addition, compare the amount of time website visitors are spending on your site before and after the launch. If there are aspects of your strategy that fail to accomplish your goals, you can alter or discard entirely. 

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