Like Last Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Google Now Lets You Submit URL’s for Indexing Direct from the Search Page

Google is always pushing out little features and function when you least expect it.  It was noticed late last week and now it’s becoming more prominent on the web as it is discovered.Google submit url in page 1

Now you are able to submit your url’s for your site directly on the search page when you type in “Submit URL to Google”.  The one drawback is that you have to be logged into your account for it to show up and to utilize this new feature. Which isn’t all bad, but just another hump to get to the submit.

There is no telling how long this has been released as there is nothing official on any of Google’s blogs or wikis as of right now. But we are happy that this has made an appearance, how convenient that it just sits there and we don’t have to go track it down.

Google submit url in page

But as always, just because you submit your url’s, that doesn’t mean that Google will always pickup your website.  You will still need to utilize best seo practices and follow the rules and wait to see if the Big G index’s the site.

Not familiar with Google or how indexing works, contact us and we would be happy to explain.