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Why is Website Security So Important?

As technology continues to change, the challenge for businesses to keep their personal and customer’s information on the web secure continues to increase.

Web security is extremely important because it keeps hackers and cyber-thieves from accessing sensitive information. By not having a proactive security strategy, business rick the spread and escalation of malware, attacks on other websites, networks, and other IT infrastructures. Once a hacker is successful, the attacks can spread from computer to computer, making it difficult to find the origin.

How To Tell If a Website is Secure

There are many avenues you can take to tell if a website is secure, including implementing HTTPS on your website. In addition to HTTPS, you can also tell if a website is secure and trustworthy by asking yourself a couple of questions:

  • Is the website an established authority institution?
  • Does the site provide expert value?
  • Does the website look spammy or broken?
  • When I hover over links does the link look spammy?

Is Your Website Secure? Find out if your website has the proper SSL certification to be considered secure by Google. Check your website security here

How Can I Make My Information On The Web More Secure?

User awareness is the best line of defense on the web! Avoid the risk of web security attacks with these 5 security tips.

Use Strong Passwords

Before it was 3-to-4-character passwords that would keep your information the safest. However, as technology has advanced, so have the abilities to crack passwords.

Now, best practice for your password is to make it at least 8 characters with a mixture of lower case letters, capital letters, numbers, and a special character. Don’t make your password a familiar phrase. It might be easier to remember but a password cracking software can break that in no time. An idea is to take the first letter of a phrase you will remember and use those, like this:

“I love my Dogs Charlie, Emma, and Drake” would be “ILm3d-cE&D”.

Also remember to not use a password twice. If someone hacks into one of your accounts then could access your bank accounts, online purchasing accounts, and any other important information.

Always Use Secure Networks

When logging into financial or other personal websites, check the address bar before logging in to ensure it is secure. If the address starts with HTTPS, then you know it Is secure rather than not having the “S” at the end HTTP. If it is HTTP, then you either have the wrong login page or it is possible a spoof (fake) website.

You should never click on a link in an email that looks suspicious. You should actually never click on a link that comes from any personal websites such as your bank. You’ll want to head straight to your bank website that you trust or give them a call regarding suspicious activity in your email.

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Use More Than One Email Address

You can make your personal banking email more secure if you use a different email for things like Facebook, Instagram, and even Amazon. If someone were to hack into one, then they would not automatically have access to all the others.

Be Cautious About Posting Your Email Address Online

This is asking for spam if nothing else, but it also opens a message of “Hey, hack me. Here’s my email address.” Avoid posting your email address on any forums, review sites, and messaging boards where spammers can easily access your address.

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