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Social Media Marketing & What Makes A Good Campaign

Social media has swept the nation and not only provides a source of entertainment for people across the world but has proven to be an invaluable tool for businesses today. Social media is free yet has the ability to make an impact on the billions of people that use it. According to Hootsuite, A whopping 72% of American adults use social media – Facebook has 2.44 billion monthly active users, Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users, and Twitter has 49+ million monthly American users. That means that as a business, you can reach about 72% of adults with your goods and services just by utilizing social media – imagine the impact that number could have on your sales! Don’t be fooled though, just because your company uses social media, maybe even regularly, that doesn’t mean that you are having the biggest impact that you can! A good social media campaign will maximize results while also helping with brand awareness and trust! So, let’s break it down, what is a social media campaign and what makes it great?

Setting Attainable Goals

The first step in making a good campaign is all within setting goals for the campaign. These goals can range from brand awareness, to leads, to pageviews, to link clicks! There are tons of possibilities, but choosing the direction of your campaign is the first step. Once you know which direction you are going with your campaign you will have to set actual campaign goals. These will include actual conversion numbers that you are trying to reach! Be sure to set goals that are attainable for your business. If your goal is to increase your page likes by 5k over the course of a one week campaign, although it’s not IMPOSSIBLE – you’re better off to keep your momentum going by setting some more realistic goals for your business that will point you in the right direction with your business.

social media marketing & what makes a good campaign

Investing In Results

The next step to having a successful social media campaign is investing in your results. It can be hard as a business owner to invest in something that you have no guarantee of getting back. But investing in your campaign can also be one of the smartest decisions you make. If you invest the proper amount of money and time into your campaign you WILL see results. Investing the time and money can mean investing your employees time, or investing actual money in paid advertising. Depending on the set up of your business, it could even mean investing in a marketing agency to get you the results you want.

Finding What Makes Your Business Unique

On the more visible side of your social media campaign, finding what makes your business unique and showcasing that to your audience is a great way to host a successful campaign. Showcasing what makes your company different from your competitors is an exceptional way to gain interest from potential customers while also keeping the loyalty from existing clients or customers.

Capitalizing On Trends

Lastly, a great way to form a successful social media campaign is through capitalizing on trends. Social media is where most trends are formed, so capitalize on them! And because trends are always changing your business has a great opportunity to continually reach your audience on a personal level. Capitalizing on trends can be a great way to expand on brand awareness, as well as provide a fun way to connect with your audience to build up brand trust.

We hope that these 4 tips will help you as your jump into your next social media campaign, and as always, if you need help getting your businesses social media campaigns up and running, contact us today for more information on how you can get started with Spectrum Net Designs.

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