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SEO Secrets Google Doesn’t Want You To Know…..So We Are Spilling the Beans!

SEO Secrets


  1. Meta tags and keywords are garbage to Google, but can still help

Back in the 2000s, meta tags (keywords and descriptions) were search engine gold. They were supposed to tell Google what the website was about, therefore help the rank of the website. But instead of using those tools for that purpose, they became a use to insert misleading information. Terrible websites were able to get high rankings.

Google then was informed of this issue and announced it would no longer use meta tags for ranking items. So, now, nothing you put in these areas will have any effect on your ranking.

They, however, are not completely useless. When customers/visitors search for you, their eyes skim over the meta-description and whatever is in there can be the factor that will tell them to click on the website or not.


  1. Powerful links are crucial

Having a link building is important part of any SEO, but the real trick is inserting powerful links. What’s the difference? Well, let’s compare. One person inserts 100 links on their site to a bunch of unimportant, not popular bloggers. The second person has just one link, but it’s to a powerful site: The Huffington Post. The second person has the better SEO. It’s all about quality, not quantity.


  1. Google+

Google wants to take away power from other social media sites, like Facebook. To do this, they have multiple strategies. One way is to use Google+ to influence search results.

Google+ affects your personalized search results by showing you if any of your friends have +1’d any of the results that show up. Also, Google will sometimes promote certain content based on who’s in your Google+ circles and what they’ve searched for.

Google+ also is shaking things up with Google Authorship. This is a way to link the content you write online with your Google+ account. This makes it easier for people to find content written by you, and it makes your link much more customer-friendly by adding your Google+ picture.


4. There is no ultimate secret to SEO

The real SEO “secret” to obtaining the best search results is to create good, quality content that people want to read and share. Google is ultimately powered by people, and people are insatiable to content. Instead of focusing all your energy into mastering SEO secrets and the tricks, focus on writing what people want to read and see.


Mastering these “seo secrets” and “tricks” can make you a professional in Google’s ballpark. But remember, even if you have the best SEO in the world, it is the content that people read, and content the people see. If you have content that people don’t want to read, it will have little to no traffic.  But these tips can help you understand what Google wants to see and what will help you receive the best traffic.