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Do I really need a Professional Website Design?

OK. You’re convinced. You need a website. But do you really need a professional website?
Do you want a road construction worker to drill your teeth?

  • Do you hire a dentist to fix your car engine?
  • Do you want a mechanic to perform your open-heart surgery?
  • Do you hire a surgeon to design your new office building?
  • Do you want an architect to be your nurse?
  • Do you hire a nurse to represent you in court?
  • Do you want a lawyer to pilot your plane?
  • Do you hire a pilot to take care of your accounts?
  • Do you want an accountant to draw your blood?
  • Do you hire a phlebotomist to be your computer programmer!?!
website design

Then why would you want or hire a free website design site to create and design your BEST marketing tool in today’s global market?!?!

Do you need more persuasion?Here are ten of the most important reasons why you can benefit from a quality, professional website design.

1. Increase the expertise of your website design.Whether you’re an accountant, landscaper, builder, computer programmer, or a phlebotomist, you’re an expert at what you do. So are professional website designers. They are able to use their expertise and experience to transform your ideas into web pages that best convey your message.

2. Increase the quality of your website’s content.Your content also has to be clear and concise since most people want to know almost immediately what you’re trying to say, or they bounce off. An experienced web designer will work with your content and call to action to ensure that they are not hidden or obscure, but are direct and understandable.

3. Increase the readability and functionality of your site.Steve Jobs quoted that “success is in the details.” Your website’s success may depend on the ease of the navigation, spacing of text, contrast, and many other seemingly unimportant nuances that may affect how readable and functional your site is. A knowledgeable designer is well acquainted with the importance these fine details may make to the success of your website.

4. Increase your website’s uniqueness.The goal of your website is to make your business or message stand out from those of your competitors. Using a free website design site means that you will be using the same design template that hundreds and thousands of other companies are using. In a time when your website has to stand out not only nationally, but also globally, a “cookie-cutter” website just isn’t going to “cut it”! A professional designer will make your website exceptional no matter what your unique message may be.

5. Increase your ranking on the three top Search Engines.In the World Wide Web of today, the visibility of your website depends heavily on its ranking on the search engines: Google, Yahoo, and Bing. In order to rank, your website needs to not onlyhave rich and clean code created that is search engine friendly, but also all of the necessary meta-data required. A clean, efficient, fast loading website that also has clear, concise, well-written content will rank higher.

6. Increase the amount of visitors who stay on your site. The first impression of your site determines whether or not visitors will stay long enough to find out who you are. If what they see grabs their interest, they may proceed to your call of action. However, it takes something special to keep them on your site, and a professional website designer has the skills and knowledge to make it stand out from among the crowd.

7. Increase your customer base. The whole point of your website is your call to action. Whether it’s a sign-up, buy now, or learn more, where it is on your web page, how it looks, and what it says will determine whether or not your visitor converts and becomes a customer.

8. Increase brand visibility.Marketing your brand so that it is consistent across different contexts is essential. Professional designers will create a visual image and language that will make a memorable impression as part of a coherent whole. Whether your brand is represented bya website, logo, business cards, and/or your social media profiles, it will easily be recognized and remembered.

9. Increase the possibility of a reliable partnership.Creating your website needs to be a collaborate effort between you and your web designer. Compromise and communication are involved in this process. Once you have a satisfactory result, then you will still have someone to work who will be available for needed changes or additions.

10. Increase high quality website design services in the future.The partnership with your professional website designer does not end once you have created an outstanding website. As your company changes and grows, you will continue to need to work together on improvements, new additions, and developments as your business expands. There is no time for allowing moss to grow on your website.

In conclusion, don’t forget this VERY important adage: You get what you pay for!!!

Face it.  Do really want to spend your valuable time trying to wade your way through the directions on a free website design site when you could be out there doing what YOU do best? And, after all, would you want your 16-year old to drive in the Indy 500?



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