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Milans Miracle Fund

Meet Milan Capobianco

Milans Miracle FundRecently we have had the privilege to work with Sharyn Capobianco in the re-design of her website:
Milan Maria Capobianco (Sharyn’s daughter) was born December 8, 2000 in Grand Rapids, MI and died peacefully on Thursday February 12, 2009 at Helen Devos Children’s Hospital. She endured a lifelong battle against the odds which she conquered time and again. She was told she would never walk, and she danced in flip flops! Then she was told she would be legally blind and instead she saw the world clearly. But in the end Milan lost her biggest fight with an inoperable brain tumor.

When the angels arrived we all hoped they would bring a new miracle but instead the took Milan to a place free from doctors, needles and pills. Milan was a fearless wonder that touched everyone she met and those whose path she just happened to cross.

Milans Miracle Fund was established by her parents at first to help her, but now to support families with kids coping with Brain Tumors. To date they have raised over $100,000 for pediatric cancer research.

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