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how to start a blog

How To Start A Blog 101

Blogging Tips To Get Started...

Blogging popularity really begin in the early 2000s when individuals from around the US began to put their own commentary online along with links and other content.
Over the years, blogging has changed so much and has even become a way for many people to bring in a steady income with just their brain & computer. Starting a blog can seem overwhelming and intimidating to many people, so we want to help you with 5 steps to start blogging as we go into this new year.

NUMBER ONE:  Passion for your topic of interest: If you decide to begin a blog, the first and foremost thing that you need is a passion for what you’re writing about. The purpose of your blog is to connect with likeminded people about a topic that is interesting for the both of you. You can share mutual experiences & opinions. The good & bad sides of whatever it might be in order to help one another along.

how to start a blog 101

NUMBER TWO:  Choosing a theme: Choosing a theme and design for your blog is one of the next things you can do to improve your user experience. 

A good blog reader is going to absolutely be drawn to your content, but humans, being as visual as we are, will judge a website within the first 2 minutes of being on it based on design, layout, and other visual aspects. Many of these judgements are in our subconscious and we don’t even know that they are going on.
“Good design builds trust”

NUMBER THREE: Keep your blog simple…and mobile friendly! Simplicity is key when it comes to your audience….and remember, you can ALWAYS re-expand on a blog topic later…which can also help with your organic SEO & also give your dedicated readers something to look forward to. On top of that, keeping your blog responsive & making sure that your readers can read anywhere will benefit you & your readers greatly! check out Google’s mobile friendly test to make sure that your blog can be accessed anywhere!

NUMBER FOUR: Let your readers get to know you- It’s important to create your about me, contact me, & other pages…and that goes for your blogs too! Share some personal information about your life…readers, as they fall in love with your ideas, wit, and personality, will want to genuinely get to know you better as the person behind the blogs. Providing the basic info for your readers will provide a much more personal connection from them to you, and allowing them to invest more in what you do.

NUMBER FIVE: Lastly, but not least, start writing! Start getting good, quality, unique content out there for people to read. Make sure that it’s content that is unique to YOU, make sure it shares who you are, and why your opinion & words are not only valuable but different than everyone else’s.

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