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How to Create a Landing Page for Your Business

A landing page is a frequently used marketing term for the first page a user lands on when they click on a link from an external source, such as an advertisement or SERP listing. They click the link, and it will take them to a specifically created page with the intent of getting them to take an action.

The main objective for any business is to get their online users to then make a conversion, such as purchasing a product or filling out an enquiry form.

A landing page should grab the users’ attention and be easy to navigate. It needs to encourage and tell the visitor exactly what they should do next and allow the call-to-action to be very obvious. Customers who are engaged with your message and want to contact you can still exit your page if the contact form is not easy to find or confusing with too many questions.

Elements for the perfect landing page

We will highlight some key elements to include and how to include them to create the perfect landing page that will increase the average session duration and maximize conversions! Creating a strategic landing page is such a advantageous way for any sized company to showcase their products/ services to users, faster!

Engaging Headers

One of the first things your users’ eye will focus on is your header. Your landing page should have a clear and engaging header that is visible and legible. The header should be short but catchy that explains your unique selling point for the product or service you are offering. It is useful to include a sub-header to expand on your headline that provides more insight on what you are intending to do on the landing page and more about your business.

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Include Various Forms of Media

Many online users prefer to learn and interpret things visually in this modern day. No one wants to see a web page with just clumps of text and no visual elements. Therefore, when you are creating the perfect landing page, incorporating imagery or video into the design is a critical step. Allow your media to help tell your story and intrigue your users to convert.

If you use a video, it should be short, to the point, and engaging. It should represent what the landing page is about and tell a story from start to finish. Above anything else, the video should add value to your landing page. If the video is too long, it will deter the user’s attention span and could potentially affect your SEO if it does not load properly or put a strain on the web page loading time due to its size.

The same rules apply to the imagery you choose for your landing page. It needs to be relevant and look fitting wherever you place it. Place your images on the side of text or as a banner, that choice is up to you and what looks the most appealing to your eye. Images need to be clean, the correct size, as larger images can affect your page load time.

Don’t forget to apply the correct image SEO practices as well! You will need to optimize these images by providing the proper file/image size, relevant names for your image, and alt tags and captions.

Logo, Branding, and Colors

Consistency throughout your web pages is an important element to remember. The web design should be similar in terms of your logo placement and branding. Especially with high traffic and high converting page, you will want to place your logo somewhere very noticeable. This will help increase brand awareness for the future. Your logo should be placed strategically and branding should be consistent. This will aid in a more appealing page for visitors and more interesting to the eye.

When considering your target audience and who you want to create conversions and reach around for your landing page it Is important to consider color palettes and schemas along with text font.

Call-to-Actions and Conversion Points

CTAs are powerful tactics used for conversion rate optimization. They steer users in the right direction to perform a specific action. A call to action can be something as easy as, “Contact Us Today for a Free Audit.” Incorporating CTAs across your landing page and directing the visitor where to go to contact or purchase will maximize your conversion rate optimization. Just remember to not bombard your visitor with too many CTAs.

Conversion points are elements such as buttons and inquiry forms that a user can fill out or click to contact, buy, or inquire about your service/product. These conversion points should be big and visible on the landing page. How you integrate the conversion points is up to your personal preference and audience, but as long as they are visible and accessible that is all that matters.

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These discussed elements are some of the most important things to consider when building a landing page.  They will enhance encouragement to your visitors to take action and be even more interested in your business than before they landed on your page.

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