Like Last Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Interesting E-Commerce Shopping Cart Facts

Add. Leave. Repeat.

The majority of people in today’s economy has window shopped online one time or another.  Whether for price comparison or something specific they can’t find locally. But, have you ever placed items in your cart and then left, and did that over and over again – and never go back to purchase the item?

E-commerce companies call this shopping cart abandonment

This is definitely a common problem with E-commerce websites all over the world.  Many systems will hold the product for a specific time-frame, other won’t and if they are sold out when you come back, you are out of luck.  When you refresh that page, the price will refresh as will the availability.  It is said by 10 various companies, shopping cart abandonment can range from 50% -73%…That is a huge percentage of customers leaving their goods behind.  Why?

The reason behind it?  They want to save it for later, so they don’t have to search the site when they come back – if they come back.  But, I am definitely guilty of this practice as well.  Who wants to go through and find product when you’ve already did all of the research, it is easy just to add it to the cart and come back when it is convenient.  Either way this can affect statistics and stock management for companies who have that option.

For anyone whom has ordered concert tickets, and you want to get the perfect seat, you are giving a timer because they only hold tickets for a very limited time, normally under 10 minutes or less.

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