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Best SEO Practices to Remember & Implement Monthly, Weekly, Quarterly

Daily, Monthly & Quarterly Best SEO Practices

Whenever I take on a new SEO client, the largest part of the job is getting the client to understand what you are doing and why you do it to their website.  I always chuckle to myself when the panic sets in and they are in full protective mode – which I can understand because I would be the same way if that was my business too.  Understanding Best SEO Practices should be understood by your client even if they aren’t performing the tasks, this will gain their trust and let you do your job. Something as simple as creating a SEO monthly task list for clients that outlines what I plan to do can help ease their apprehension. Their site is instrumental in their business income and everything you are doing can affect that drastically. 

Implementing Best SEO Practices is significant for the online success of your clients’ website.  Remember that effective strategy and focus towards both on-page and off-page optimization works hand in hand with the success. If you haven’t already you should organize helpful checklists of SEO tasks that you should perform each time you manage the page, either weekly, monthly or quarterly.

SEO daily task list

I have 3 checklists, the first one is a one-time performance and task list that from installing the code snippet for Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to monitor the site from crawl errors, indexing, and search traffic stats, and uploading new sitemaps as necessary.  The list goes through the website for all the basic elements of a webpage such as descriptions, headings, and tags that each page should be utilizing.

on-page SEO task list

The second task list is for on-page seo each time I manage the page, change elements, images, or text on the page, what needs to be done with the changes including focus keyword, header tags, titles, descriptions, and permalinks.  So, this one can be implemented weekly or monthly.

SEO monthly task list

The third checklist is my seo monthly task list or quarterly checklist that covers everything from mobile responsiveness, security, url redirects, canonical domains, sitemaps, page speed and much more.

Best SEO Practices

One task that many customers and developers equally forget is updates and maintenance, this is hard to keep up with because you never know when one might be available.  That is why it is very important to hire a professional to monitor the website regularly and keep it backed up properly.  Don’t let your site go due to forgotten maintenance.

If you have the need for an SSL certificate on your website, that is a plus if you want to rank well with Google.  Just make sure you remember to renew it before it expires, this is normally a yearly certification and can be included with your quarterly checklist to ensure it is working properly and no issues before it expires.  If you forget to renew it could wreak havoc on the URL of your pages.  With an SSL you normally force the site to use the https version of your site, without the valid SSL certificate, that could hurt your user experience by giving them an invalid URL when they visit your page.

The short-term outlook, the elements of your on-page optimization are just as important as your off-page optimization, it doesn’t work to skimp on either one.  It is easy enough to create the checklist and place it on your calendar or hire a professional developer to keep it all straight, especially if you are not technical and don’t understand how to implement updates and maintenance. Even just creating a simple SEO monthly task list can make all the difference.

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