Are You Promoting Your Products and Services on Your Blog?
Are You Promoting Your Products and Services on your Blog

Are You Promoting Your Products & Services on Your Blog?

Learn How to Get The Most Exposure From Your Blog

If you are a business owner, you probably know how important a blog can be to your online presence. Blogs are an effective way to draw in new traffic, keep your search engine optimization up to par, and provide valuable information to your readers which in turn builds that trust relationship. All in all, a blog can be a place where you are continuously generating content for your site in order to keep traffic rolling in. When you own a business and your products or services are not really changing, it can be hard to keep that content fresh on your website. This is where a blog can be a great resource for you. Did you know that promoting your services and products on your blog can help increase your sales too?

How can promoting services & products on my blog benefit my business?

First thing is first, we want to be sure to state that your blog should not be 100% promotional. It’s good to share other information and content on your blog as well, information about your business, your values, helpful information when it comes to navigating the hard questions pertaining to your specific product or service. But sharing your products and services on your blog can help you reach a larger audience with the important information that your audience needs to know about what you do and who you are. To understand this a little bit better, let’s dive into Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the idea of Google and other search engines crawling your website and pages and indexing them on the search engine results pages for users to find as they search for relevant topics, questions, and so on. Search engines take many different things into account when they are ranking your pages against other competing pages, such as relevancy, domain authority, backlinks, and so much more. When you take the time to write blogs about your products and services it will only help Google and other search engines understand more about what your business does, and how to rank your website accordingly showing your information to the people that will be most interested in what your business has to offer.

What are some creative ways to share and promote my services and products on my blog?

So, if you know that you can and should promote your services and products on your blog that is great, but sometimes we can all face a bit of writer’s block. What are some creative ways that you can start to share and promote your services and products on the blog without being too (for lack of better words) “salesy”. This can be tough, you have to get creative with how you promote your business. We have some creative ways that you can still promote your services or products without getting too pushy for the sale.

smart writing

Highlight a product or service to give tips and tricks on it

Highlighting your products in the way of giving out advice, tips, and tricks is a great way to talk about your product or service, explain and share the advantages that come with it, while also helping your customers, or prospective customers see some of the best ways to use said product or service.

Group together products or services that go well together

A great way to feature some of your products and services is by grouping together and featuring products or services that work well together and build off of each other. This can even be an incredible way to show off how your business is different from anyone else, how your products complement each other. Or maybe you have a series of products that have evolved over the years. This can also be a great way to show them off!

Overall, promoting your services and products on your company blog is a great way to improve your business. If you are not currently doing so, we would encourage you to start today! If you need help analyzing your business blog today, contact us – our experienced marketing team is happy to help you today!

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