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5 Ways to Build Your Brand with Social Media

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Building a brand on social media takes hard work, dedication, consistency and sometimes help. It can be challenging to build up your brand especially if your accounts are new and still undiscovered which is why we want to talk about it! Stay tuned and you’ll learn lots of great tips and tricks to solidifying and building up your brand through social media.
Have you ever heard the statistic that the McDonald’s golden arches logo is more recognizable than the Cross of Jesus Christ? A study done in 2001 showed this fun fact and it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to brand – but as you can see, McDonald’s has done it well! Your brand is about so much more than just your logo, color scheme, or imagery. Your brand is about who you are, the products or services you have, it’s about your values, the way you treat your clients, customers, or followers! Brand is a big mix of all these things and more – and you probably feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to trying to figure out how to navigate all of these things, especially in the realm of social media. So where do we go from here? We have a better understanding that your brand is a giant multifaceted idea. We know that building a brand is challenging, we know that we might need help…so what’s next? Well, let’s jump right into what things you can start doing TODAY to help build your brand up with your new or existing social media accounts.

1. Organize, update, or create all Social Media accounts

This is going to be the very first step for your brand on social media. Organizing, updating, and creating your social media accounts means: figure out which social media accounts you want to use, deactivate any accounts you will NOT be using, create any accounts you want to be using, update all profile and cover images to be consistent not only to each other but to your brand in terms of colors, logos, etc. We suggest keeping a straightforward list of all the social media accounts you intent to use for your brand so that no one gets left in the dust. This organization will help you create a consistent ambiance for all of your social accounts and is a very important part of building your brand. If you don’t have a good brand logo or haven’t decided on brand colors yet – this will be your first step before you start on organizing and updating your accounts.

2. Determine the voice and tone of your brand

Chances are you already have an idea of the voice and tone of your brand. It doesn’t matter if you are an established business or a new business, you likely at least have some sort of inkling to how you want your brand to “sound”. For some businesses their voice and tone is strictly professional and informative, for others it might be playful and funny, and for others still it might just be straightforward and honest. Each of these tones and “voices” are going to work for different brands depending on what their goals are. For example, if you’re a law office, you likely are going to have a professional and informative approach because you want to let your clients or prospective clients know that you would take their case seriously and you have the knowledge and ability to help them. Or maybe you are a personal trainer who decided to take the straightforward and honest approach in your social accounts. This could benefit you to find clients that are ready to hear the truth about the hard work that needs to be done to reach their fitness goals…the point is, your brand will be unique, so think about the way that you function and what you want to portray through your social accounts. This should help you determine the voice and tone of your brand. One thing to remember with your voice and tone is to try to keep it consistent. Consistency harbors trust and builds that relationship with your followers.

3. Post regularly

This point is so underrated…you probably have heard that you need to be posting regularly, but this is so important. Posting regularly and often shows your social presence, it reminds people that you’re there, that you exist, and it gives them an opportunity to continue to get to know you and your brand better, which only will help build your brand up as time goes on. Social media is a free resource – so don’t waste it!

4. Create good visuals

Visuals are everything when it comes to your brand….meaning that good visuals can take your entire brand (even non visual aspects) to the next level. Use editing apps such as canvacrello, or adobe spark if you have an adobe account or you can create an account for free. These apps will help you create polished, consistent visual content that can help your brand shine in the way you want it to. Some editing apps even allow you to create a “brand kit” where you save colors and logos for easy use as you continue to create social content.

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5. Keep track of your stats

Statistics are an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to social media – so make sure that you are keeping track of yours. Collect data for 3 months from your social accounts, when the 3 months is done, go through and delicately and thoroughly analyze the data set to try and draw any conclusions possible. Take a look at what things worked, what things didn’t work. What content people engaged with the most and what content people just seemed to scroll on by. All of these conclusions from your data will help you better your approach as you go forward. Never stop gathering data, but we suggest that every 3 months or ¼ of a year you analyze your data set and adjust your social media approach as necessary.

These five things are simple steps that you can start today in order to build your brand up using social media. If you need help strategizing your social media plan or building your brand up, contact us today! We have a team of dedicated marketing professionals that is happy to sit down and talk to you today.

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