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So you’ve decided you need a new website, your old one is on its way out…or possibly already been out for months now, it doesn’t have the functionality you want & your current site just isn’t keeping up with your competitors…but where to begin? Most people generally do not get excited about the time, expense & research that goes into a website redesign. So where do you begin? Generally, the first and foremost order of business is deciding with what platform are going to use for your new website, with so many “easy to use” website builders, such as WordPress, Wix, Gator, BigCommerce, Shopify, Webbly, Squarespace & more, we have laid out 10 reasons why we believe WordPress is the platform you should use for your new website, or website redesign.
Many people think of WordPress as a blogging platform only, this is how WordPress started out and got its reputation, but really, WordPress has drastically evolved throughout many years to be so much more than just a blogging platform, now you are able to host websites, build custom themes, and upload personal plugins to make sure your website is the best that it can be for your users. We decided it would be helpful for you to see why we support WordPress, & why we suggest it for your new website, so here are 10 reasons why you should choose the WordPress platform for your new site…

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1. Many people that are using WordPress for their website are not necessarily web developers or website designers. WordPress is a great option for these people, they have various already built “themes” and “plugins” that will help you build a professional website without needing prior web development or design knowledge. There are easy to use options for all of our non “tech savy” folk out there.

2. WordPress is completely versatile. You can create anything from a blog, to a ecommerce site, a products based site, membership website and pretty much anything else you can think of. It’s customizable for your desires and wishes

3. WordPress is SEO friendly – SEO is an important part of marketing today. Making sure that your website is being found & indexed by search engines is important, and according to Google, WordPress is 99% SEO friendly. So if you are looking to bring your SEO to the next level, WordPress is a great tool to use for your website.

4. WordPress is a FREE & Open Source- there’s got to be a catch right? Well in the spirit of all things out in the open, you will need to buy your domain, & pay for hosting and various other costs; but the actual software WordPress is free.

5. Themes & Plugins give you complete customizable options – if you can dream it, you can bring it to completion. Not only does wordpress provide you with various pre built themes & plugins, but you also have options to build your own customized theme & plugins for whatever you could possibly think of. To read about 24 WordPress plugins for your business website check out this article: https://www.wpbeginner.com/showcase/24-must-have-wordpress-plugins-for-business-websites/

6. Safe & Secure – WordPress is supreme in the level of security measures that they take for their customers. They have staff that is updating CMS consistently along with all the plugins that go hand in hand. Of course to protect yourself, it’s best to only download plugins from WordPress itself or trusted sources. Read more about WordPress security here.

7. Mobile Friendly – This is a HUGE advantage today. In a world where most people have cell phones & surf the web constantly your mobile online presence is crucial! You have to make sure that your website is not only available to your mobile users but also that they have a good mobile experience, that they can see the important pieces & parts, that images aren’t cut off or covering important text & so on & so forth. Being mobile friendly is more important than ever, read about it here: https://www.augustash.com/our-blog/mobile-friendly-websites-2019

8. Easy Social Media Integration – WordPress offers a simple way for your users & website visitors to interact with & be a part of your social media. This is especially great if you have a previously established online presence or a previously established social media presence. Feeding one off the other is a great way to build your company & business.

9. Scheduling makes blogging easy – not everyone has time to sit down 3 times a week to bust out a blog…we get it. So sit down for one day, bust out 3 blogs & schedule them for 3 different days! WordPress makes it easy to do that. You can schedule posts as far out in advance as you want to make sure you don’t fall behind in keeping your readers updated. Take a look how to create the perfect blog schedule for your company here.

10. One of the BEST parts about WordPress is that it just keeps improving. With the community of users that are currently a part of WordPress, the site just keeps improving. It’s a great platform that only keeps getting better.

So you know why WordPress is great, but still don’t have the time, energy, or resources to make it happen? Spectrum Net Designs offers great custom WordPress development for your website. Contact us today to learn how you can update your website to make sure you are keeping up with your competitors.

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