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We all know that blogs are important for a website. In fact, blogs should be one of the first priorities of your company’s marketing strategy.  They help your site gain more traffic, increase your site’s search engine rankings, help communicate to potential and existing customers, and more! (Check out our past blog to learn what that more is!)Bottom line, blogs help you get found online. Blog management is essential for sites who want to rank high in Google and want more traffic. Many companies are starting blogs and posting content, so why aren’t you? 

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It’s true, some companies don’t have time to write blogs. They take time and energy that most people can’t spare. If they do have time, most don’t know what to write about. So how do businesses make it work? They have blog management. They key to great blogging is to write content that complements your vision of your business. 

But did you know that blog management is more than just content writing?

What is blog management and what do blog managers do?


The blog manager’s goal is to ensure the company is gaining the best result with traffic and ROI from the blog. So before the blog manager even begins writing, they need ideas on what to write about. They lead brainstorming sessions, research, and pick a specific target audience to make sure the end result of the blog reaches its full potential.


How can the blog manager be sure the blog is reaching its full potential? There are certain practices to make sure the blog has good search engine optimization. Formatting, readability, graphics, links, calls-to-action, headings, and more. Whomever is managing the blog checks and re-checks all these practices. Not to mention editing, proofing and rewriting content! 



An important detail for blog management is scheduling. A blog calendar is very important for websites who have blogs being published daily, weekly, and even monthly. Google and/or Bing likes to see a site that is updated on a regular basis, whether that be daily, weekly, or monthly. The manager schedules and have ideas for blogs months before they are published.   For certain company’s seasonal blogs are important, while other companies have a certain time of day that the blog would get most traffic. The blog manager knows all these things, and schedules accordingly. Each platform also has specific high ranking posting times, discovered from years of back data, that is extremely helpful for the beginner bloggers and social media marketers.

The last, but maybe the most important thing, is what blog managers do once the blog is published. A certain amount of time after the blog is published, the blog manager analyzes the results. This is how they know if the blogs are helping and living up to their potential. If the blogs are not, the blog manager fixes the problem.  You can also take the approach before hand and navigate away from issues, with A/B Testing methods. 

As you can see, blog management is more than just content writing. It is ensuring that the blogs are living up to their potential and that you are receiving the best results with site traffic and sales, due to the blog. Try managing your blog with a scheduling program to help you out and save time.


Do you need help starting or managing a blog?

Contact us today! We will work with you to create a blog customized to your brand. We can produce content related to your specific industry and publish with or without assistance from your company. We know you’re busy, and we have years of industry knowledge to put to work for you.  

It is known that “the more, the merrier”, and that also goes for blog posts.  A minimum of 2 posts should be published each month to keep traffic flowing and provide fresh content to keep the search engines happy.  If there is not a blog currently on your website, we can set one up for your company.  Contact Shannan at 866.773.2638 or email her at

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