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Why Does My Website Need A Blog

You as a business owner have probably thought about doing a blog. The idea has crossed your mind, but then quickly left for the following reasons: First, a blog is work. Even if its just a couple paragraphs a month, it takes effort and concentration. Secondly, a blog is time consuming. You have to come up with an idea and somehow put that idea into words. Not too mention then you have to actually put it on your website. Who has time for all that? Lastly, what’s the point? Its not like anyone is going to read it….right?

While a blog can take time and effort, the impact a blog can make is worth it. It sounds crazy, but blogs are what make a site known to the public. Blogs are beneficial. How? Blogs impact your SEO big time. Your site can fly up the ranks even if you post a blog every couple months or so. Here are some reasons why your blog can make a difference to your site traffic and ranking.

Fresh Content. One of the main things that search engines look for is fresh content. Your website’s pages probably don’t change that often. This is why a blog can make the world of difference. You will be steadily adding new, unique content at your own rate. When a search is performed by a user, search engines will pull the freshest and most relevant content on the top. By blogging, you put yourself out there as an expert in your specific field.

fresh blog content
blogs are beneficial


Popularity.  As your blog gets more traffic, it is constantly clicked on and shared. This will help it move up in search engine rankings. If you provide good, quality content, your readers will want to share it with others. How do you provide good, quality content? Be unique, provide answers, and share your blog as much as you can. 


Backlinking.  When other people link to your blog, that helps your ranking immensely. Make sure that you are linking with good quality sites, otherwise Google will notice, and penalties will be applied.

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Social Media.  If you connect your blog to social media like Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts, Google will notice and take that into account when ranking. Also, social media is a great way to get your company and business out there.


Indexed Pages.  One of the most important reasons to have a blog is the fact that each post counts as a new page on your site. For Google to index a page, the page needs to be at least 300 words, preferably more. Reblogging, short posts, and duplicate content will not help when you want to boost your SEO.

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For all these reasons and more, you can see blogging is essential for ranking high in Google. According to Hubspot, having a blog will increase your website traffic by 55% than those sites that do not have a blog. This is why so many companies are starting a blog and posting their content.

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