Is Your Site Mobile Responsive for 2018 Web Traffic?

Why This Should Be A Priority....

Do you have a phone? How about a tablet? Nearly everyone in today’s day and age carry around a smart phone and have some sort of tablet. The mobile device is always near them throughout the whole day. This kind of lifestyle is predicted not to change. People use their mobile device for everything: communication, searches, social media, etc.  Maybe too much reliance on mobile devices will have irreversible affects, but for now website owners are recognizing this direction of technology, and are frantically trying to catch up. The new year is upon us and coming quickly, and we want you prepared for the new 2019 web traffic that will be coming your way.

So I just have one question, is your site mobile responsive?

What is a Mobile Responsive Site?

Today, phones, tablets, and desktops are all made in different sizes. Website designs need to change and adapt fluidly to whatever screen it is appearing on. A responsive website is one that changes based on the needs of the users and the device they are viewing the site on. For example, a website with a three-column layout would change to a single column display on a phone.

Some key features for a mobile responsive site include:

  1. Dynamic content that changes
  2. Navigation is condensed
  3. Optimized images
  4. Correct padding and spacing
  5. Relies on mobile operating systems to function
site mobile responsive

What is the difference between a Mobile Responsive Site and Mobile Friendly Site?

mobile friendly devices

A mobile friendly site is one that is designed to work the same exact way across all devices. It has no changes. Features are limited, and can be very difficult to use on mobile devices. A Mobile Responsive Site is a bit different, a mobile responsive site automatically adjusts sizing, layouts, and features based on the device it is being used on. This design provides a better user experience by providing easy-to-read text and easy-to-use features.

So, why should having a Mobile Responsive Site be a priority?

It has been proven over and over again by several different independent organizations through extensive testing that Google has updated their algorithm, but that is nothing new, but now Google favors websites that provide mobile users with a responsive and favorable experience.  This is huge to ranking factors and what business owners are currently implementing.  This should be a concern to businesses that thrive on selling products online. Mobile traffic in 2017 was 52.64%, meaning, more internet usage is through mobile devices than a desktop. By the end of 2018, it is predicted that mobile devices will reach 79% of internet usage over desktop. This is why it is so necessary for having a mobile responsive site.

If you do not have a mobile responsive site, you are losing website traffic, and therefore, potential customers and clients. 

site mobile responsive