World Password Day Tips | Spectrum Net Designs

It's World Password Day and we're celebrating by giving you some important password tips!

Change is Important

You should change your password, at the minimum once a year, to keep your accounts safe and secure. It may be a hassle, but changing your passwords often will make your accounts much harder to hack, keeping your information secure.

Don't give it out

Security lock

This may seem like a no-brainer, but do not share your password with others unless absolutely necessary. This means your family, friends, strangers on the bus, and your pets…actually go ahead and tell your pet, as long as it isn’t a parrot. Keeping your password and accounts safe may be extremely important to you but not as important to others. Decrease the chance of your password getting around by keeping the information to yourself.

Make it Strong

No, not by taking it to the gym, but by making it difficult to guess.

Some tips to make a strong password:

  1. Avoid using dictionary words
  2. Include numbers, symbols, as well as both upper and lower case letters
  3. Create a password with a minimum of 12 characters

Characters include: letters, numbers, and symbols

  1. Make it even safer by adding an extra layer of security with 2-step verification. This could be as simple as requiring a code that is sent to your mobile device, ensuring that you are the only one able to access your account. Even though your password may be compromised, this step prevents a hacker from accessing your account.

Don't Write it Down

It may be tempting to keep a written record of all of your passwords, just in case you forget them, but writing down your passwords to make your life easier would also make it easier for the people looking to steal your passwords. Try keeping your passwords in a folder on your phone locked by fingerprint or facial recognition. If you do not have this feature on your phone and you feel you must write it down, keep the paper in your wallet so that it is always on your person.

Fingerprint code