Where Does Design Fall Into Your Marketing Strategy? | Tips & Tricks

The Royal Family of Marketing is more than just a King...What about the Queen?

When you think about your website, blog, or social media accounts, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe design of the page, or the content on the page, how it’s laid out or even the graphics?  In recent years the importance of content has been stressed over and over again in the world of Marketing and web design. It’s great for search engine optimization (SEO), it can be as in-depth or simplistic as you need, adds importance to your products and services, and it helps attract the audience that you want on your website; which in turn can help increase the user experience of your website and conversion rate. Content has seemingly taken the drivers seat… so what about the other aspects of web presentation? Staying conscious of the ever-changing field of marketing, we need to consider the other significant sides of web performance, and there are many. 

Next to a king, there is always a queen, and if you know anything about royalty, you know that a successful reign is managed by a partnership between the both.  So, in recent years, the queen aka “design” of your website has taken an important role in your user experience (UX) and the structure and layout of your website. Design is so much more than just a company logo…Color schemes, layout, visuals, and responsive design are all important pieces to the puzzle of design. Color schemes for example, are just one small piece of design but go all the way down to the psychology of the human brain. Colors affect our emotions, moods, and reactions; all of which can be important in the marketing process.  When we look at intentional design, it is proven to help your business; statistics show that businesses who deliberately put a focus and emphasis on design, perform much better than those who don’t. Most of the time this increase in performance is accredited to the subconsciousness of the consumer. To put it plainly, humans like what they see, even if they don’t realize it. 

Content will always be an important and vital part of your marketing process, but as time moves on and marketing develops, a new crucial role will be how design plays a role in your business.  Most people think that putting the time and effort into upping their design game must be expensive, but it doesn’t have to cost big bucks, there are many free resources out on the web to help companies in their quest for better and more professional design. Check out this article from Snap to see a list of some top free design and marketing resources to help your company move forward today. Overall, in the world of marketing where content is said to be king, be careful not to write off the importance that design plays in your marketing plan. The two make a perfect pair and ensure that you are maximizing your efforts in the department of SEO and Marketing.