The Anatomy of a Digital Ad | What to Include in Your Graphics

The Anatomy of a Digital Ad

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How to get the Most out of Your Ad Graphics

The anatomy of a digital ad incorporates the design and content of an advertisement. You don’t have to be an experienced graphic designer to create an effective digital advertisement. Try using the best practices explained in our FREE eBook, The Anatomy of a Digital Ad,  to keep your ad creative on the right track for success!

It’s important to keep in mind for successful ad creative is make it distinguishable from other native web content that your audience scrolls through on a daily basis. The viewer should know at first sight that if they are enticed just the right amount and click on your ad, they will be directed away from their current page.

Creating digital ads is about finding that sweet spot of attention-grabbing, not too obnoxious, offensive, or forgettable! 

Anatomy of a digital Ad

What You'll Learn with Our eBook

  • Key components to include in your next digital ad graphics 
  • Examples of successful ad sizes for both Facebook & Google 
  • Key components to include in your ad creative visuals 
  • Examples of what colors can do for your ad creative 
  • Strategies for writing quality copy for your ad
  • What to include in your call-to-action

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