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Smart Writing Or Writing Smart?

How To Overcome Exaggerated Posts

Blogging is more popular than ever, free lance bloggers, hobby bloggers, company bloggers and more all make up the intense blogging community. Various stats have proven the success and positive impacts that blogs have for companies, including increased visibility, it is recommended that every company puts out 3-4 blog posts per WEEK to have maximum efficiency for traffic & leads. Here are some more blogging statistics for you from our friends over at Codeless.

  • Companies that publish 16+ blogs per month get nearly 3.5x more traffic than those that publish 0-4 monthly
  • Marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more likely to see positive ROI
  • Longer in-dept blogs generate 9x more leads than short ones
  • 60% of consumers feel engaged/positive with a brand or company after reading custom content on their blog

But, we can obviously gather from these few statistics the importance of blogging & the positive effect it can have on your business. But how many times have you clicked into a blog trying to learn something or get some information only to read a few sentences into the article and have no clue what just happened…okay, maybe that truly hasn’t ever happened to you…but I’ll tell you from personal experience…IT HAPPENS!! As a fellow blogger, it can be easy to be carried away by your true passion for the subject and desire to bestow your knowledge onto anyone who will possibly stumble upon your writings, but we are here to tell you that isn’t always the best approach to have when writing your blogs and resources for your audience. So how do you overcome overly technical & exaggerated posts.

#1 Write like you’re talking to a novice…
Chances are, you will be! Writing to a novice of your shared interest will help you back up the truck & only talk about the things that are REALLY important to know while starting out. Try to remember back when your interest was sparked in this specific topic & make sure you are providing the information that a novice would want to know, not only that, but in a way that a novice will understand, ditch the long words & over explained theories…stick to the basics that make up the topic – remember you can always do a more in depth blog as needed or as requested. 

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Going beyond that, as you start to get into topics that a more intermediate level personal might be interested in, it’s still smart to write in a way that conveys your knowledge without stumping your readers. This is not a skill that will most likely come easily, it will have to be practiced & put into effect over time.

#2 Break down topics into series…
Breaking topics down into various parts is a great way to get more content out of one topic – especially if the topic is generally just more lengthy in the way it needs to be explained & understood. After all, you cannot stick to writing novice level blogs for forever, so when you do get the chance to write about a more intermediate type topic & you need to go more in-depth, do your best to break it up into multiple blogs & postings. This will help keep your blog easier to comprehend without overwhelming your reader as well as give them something to look forward to reading as you write & publish out your next post. A great way to go about this is while finishing one blog, promoting your next one with a release date as well as a tag line to help your readers want to come back to catch the next bit of information you will release!

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#3 Go In-depth Without Going Overboard or losing your readers…
This is a hard rule for anyone who is interested in a specific topic – especially a topic that might just be generally harder to understand. Our advice for this is to go into detail, go in-depth, all the while being cautious of how you are doing so. A great way to expand on a subject is by using simple analogies, imagery, & other resources to help your readers get the most out of what information you are providing them.
It’s important to put content out that sparks your readers interest & keeps it! These tips are just a few guidelines to help you work on overcoming lengthy, wordy, & over the top posts that have the tendency to lose your readers interest.

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