Responsive Website Design Grand Rapids by Spectrum Net Designs Michigan

Responsive Web Design

With most people accessing the world wide web from mobile devices, the importance to have a mobile responsive website is at an all time high. Your site should not only reflect your business properly but also showcase perfectly on a desktop, tablet, AND mobile phone. Custom website design by Spectrum Net Designs means that your website will be developed to meet your users specific needs. And since you know your users requirements best, we will work with you closely to customize your website from start to finish with your customers in mind.

Benefits Of A Responsive Website

Automatic Sizing

Your website will automatically resize to the proper ratio based on the device being used. No need to use your fingers to zoom in on information to read!

Saves Time & Money

Saves on time and cost management for updates and maintenance to one site instead of managing two websites.

More Traffic & Conversions

Responsive design will lead to more traffic and converted leads to your website because your users will have an enhanced user-friendly experience.

search engine optimzation

Preferred By Search Engines

SEO Benefits. Google recommends responsive design especially to increase visibility and take advantage of Google Mobile First Indexing.

Our Process

We strive to have a simple, easy to follow, quick process for you to get your new or updated website up on the world wide internet. Once this process is complete, we guarantee that you will be pleased with the end result and proud to have a website you can call your own.

Effective web design grabs the attention of your audience & makes a statement!

Since your website is your users first impression of who you are, it must be eye-catching and memorable as well as professional. The graphics must not only be outstanding, they must be spectacular.

Once they land on one of your pages, the user must be motivated to want to further explore. Therefore, the navigation through your site must be easy to follow, making it simple for them to find what they are looking for. In addition, your message and content must not only be easily understood, it must be engaging. Once the user is engaged, they are more likely to complete a clear call-to-action.