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Why Content is King

#1 Reason why “Content is King”

You’ve got them.  They’re on your website. You’ve made a great first impression!  They’ve seen your eye-catching graphics, your impressive photos, and your awesome video.  Now, how do you keep them there?  How do you make a lasting first impression?

“Content is King.”This term is bandied about all over the Internet.  When googled, millions of results show up.  Is it a “new” term?  Who said it first?  Why is it so important? content is king

“Content is King.”  The title of an essay by Bill Gates in January, 1996., 1996.  Eighteen years ago Gates  wrote:

“If people are to be expected to put up with turning on a computer

to read a screen, they must be rewarded with deep and extremely

up-to-date information that they can explore at will.”

Google must have had this idea in mind when they created Panda.  Or… like Bill Gates, they knew that in order for users to have a satisfying experience, they will “dwell” on the site that provides the answers they are looking for.  They have questions; you have the answers.  This not only pleases Google, but it also pleases them… and you.  Your site has the content that accomplishes the goal the user booted up his/her computer, or even more likely, mobile device in the first place.  The user is happy, Google is satisfied, and the mission of your website is fulfilled.

So, all in all, what is the #1 reason “Content is King”?

It makes sure the user is happy. 

They have found the answer to their quest.  They have googled successfully.  Your content, whether it is the informative text, Q&A’s,blogs, or all of the above, has satisfied them.  Your content has made them content.  And… if they convert, you’re happy as well!

But, how do you get that royal content?

Hard work.  In order to satisfy Google’s Panda algorithm, your content has to be high quality.  It has to be unique, original.  It has to be well written with good grammar and correct spelling.  It has to be fresh, renewed often.  And…. it has to appeal to the reader.  Remember that they are the most important reason for writing anything.  Write directly to them.  And now we’ve circled back to major reason why “Content is king”:

It makes sure the user is happy. 

That makes all of us happy.