New Customizable Facebook Page Template for Your Business!

Now you can choose your Facebook page template based on the genre of your business.

What are the new page templates?


Good for all Page types, with buttons and tabs to help showcase what’s important to you.

Standard Facebook


Designed to help you manage your business, including ways to post jobs and special offers.

Business Facebook


Designed so you can highlight useful info like your venue’s hours, location and upcoming events.

Venues Facebook


Designed to highlight your cause and encourage people to fundraise and donate to your nonprofit.


Designed to help politicians reach their supporters and communicate their message.

Politicians Facebook


Designed to help people find your services and get in touch.

Service Facebook

Restaurants and Cafes

Designed to highlight photos and important info about your menu, hours and location.

Restaurants Facebook


Designed to showcase products and make it easy for people to shop online.

How are the templates different?

Facebook has developed new Facebook page templates for your Company Page depending on its use. These page templates range from Standard (original) to Business to Shopping. There is a new layout for almost any sort of business, and each template differs by changing the tabs they show on the Page. For example, a Non-Profit template would have a “Donate” tab front and center where people can easily give to your organization.

Is this a good or bad change?

Despite some confusion as to how to change templates, what template to use, and whether the template for your company is the right one, these new templates have been extremely helpful to most companies looking to enhance their Facebook page. Now, tabs fit for a person’s specific needs. Nevertheless, change can be difficult. Now the page’s owner must relearn where everything is placed, what tabs are shown, and what content the audience can see. This can be a big step, especially for businesses with a lot of content, like restaurants and non-profit organizations. Once the change is made though, you can always return to the standard template it was originally on, but who knows, maybe you’ll like it! There’s only one way to find out.

Can I still edit the tabs on my Professional Facebook page?

Once you change the layout of your Page, you also have the option to edit the tabs. Adding, dropping, and changing the tabs on your page gives you the freedom to make your page personal and unique. No more repetitive pages that all look the same! All these changes make us wonder, what will Facebook do next?