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Fit mobile marketing into your small budget

With so much of the world connected to their phones at the hip, mobile marketing should be a top priority for businesses today. With that being said, we want to provide a few guidelines for you as you investigate the importance of mobile marketing, and how to go about it, ESPECIALLY when you are running a tight budget.

-Make sure you set goals. This may sound like a simple task, but one that can change your marketing strategy more than you could ever imagine. Setting goals doesn’t take a lot of time, but it gives your company a good projected place to work towards. Once you have your goals you can begin to devise a plan in order to reach them. So, take the time, sit down a team that you trust, and set your goals.

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-Set mobile responsive design as TOP priority. Spectrum Net Designs is a company that believes strongly in Responsive Design. We practice it, we bring it into action with our clients, and we endorse the idea to anyone we talk to on the matter. Mobile design goes so much farther than just your website, mobile design now spills over into your email marketing, your social media platforms, and anything/everything you can post out for your company.

-If you haven’t already, look into local business listings, these listings are an important part of receiving good reviews, building your business reputation, and letting local consumers know that you exist! Do your research on the different online listing platforms, make sure which one is right for you and your business. This process may not be the most fun or exciting. But we promise…it’s worth it.

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-Consider investing in an app. Apps are NOT for every business & they really are not the best avenue for every single service or product. But, many times, generating an app for your business could help your business exponentially. So, take the time to consider, would an app be beneficial? Would it serve a specific purpose, and meet a specific need? If so, consider investing in the development of this idea. It is mobile marketing at its best.

-If your business already has an app, consider utilizing different resources to really maximize your efforts. There are so many platforms and tools that can help you market through your app, gain insight on your consumers, and revenue. Consider a few of the following resources to help you in your app endeavor:



App Annie:


We hope that these few Mobile Marketing ideas and tips will help you and your business as you work on your strategies for the upcoming business year. 

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