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Are you trying to draw in the right people for your business? Are you looking to create actionable, interesting content? If so, then finding your niche may be what you need.  Finding your niche may lead you to a loyal audience that keeps coming back for more. 

So how do you cater to this audience? One way to find and keep people is by creating content that they will want to read.  Creating content for a niche can be a challenge, so let’s make it easier for you by giving you the top tips for writing quality niche content.  Read on to learn more!

What Is Niche Content?

A niche is a smaller piece of the larger whole.  Whether that larger whole is a content topic or the type of target audience you have, it is important to establish your niche.  This will give you topics and ideas for content that are easier to target.  For example, it is easier to target the niche “roofing services in the greater Boston area”, than it is to target “construction”, because you have now chosen an exact audience that has a particular need.  Finding your niche helps you be more specific, thus attracting a more loyal, organic audience and traffic. 

When you find your niche, you may want to begin writing and creating content to fit within it.  Creating subject matter that targets your niche can help yourself become known to the audience that fits within that niche.  

How to Find Your Audience?

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Besides basing your content and business ventures on what is most popular for you, it is good to know the demographics of your audience. This can help you narrow down your niche as well.  Contact us to learn more about your audience and to see how Marketing Department can help you target your audience and niche better!

How Can a Niche Be Beneficial?

A niche can be very beneficial in many ways.

·         Less Competition: There are less companies and people fighting for the attention of your audience if you are targeting a niche. 

·         Brand Advantage: You can be the first brand to establish themselves as a leading expert in that niche, giving yourself the opportunity to become as synonymous to your niche as John Deere is to tractors. 


·         Loyalty: A smaller audience means more opportunities to connect on a personal level. 

Niche Content and SEO

If your company wants to pull in and attract more of and a specific kind of audience, then you should be using SEO practices when creating your content.  SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and is the practice of placing popular keywords within your content, with the goal of gaining the attention of search engines.  This causes you to rank higher on search engines results pages.  Ranking higher on results pages means people are more likely to find and click on your content. 


SEO allows you to use keywords that are specific to your niche.  This lets you target your niche subjects better and put yourself in the view of your specific audience. Contact us today to see how our SEO services can work for you!

How Do You Find Your Niche?

Now that you are aware of the fact that targeting a niche is a good strategy for your business or website, you may be wondering how exactly you can find your niche.  When looking for your niche, it is important to keep these themes in mind:

·         What topics do you want to focus on? What are you passionate about? Knowing what you want to create when it comes to your business ahead of time can help you have ideas about what niche you want to target.  For example, if you have a passion for writing about farming, you can create content to target specific niche of a specific animal or crop, like chickens or corn, as that would be easier to gain traffic. 

·         Research the markets of your interests or business: Knowing your market can help you learn where there is a lack of representation.  If you want to target the subject matter of “lawn care” but see there is no one advertising for or creating content for the topic of “best flowers for pollinators” then you have found a niche to target. 

·         If you already have a business:  Research your audience and what seems to be the most popular item you sell or service to provide.  That can give you an idea of what niche to target.

·         Be specific: Broad topics have more competitive populations when it comes to representation online and otherwise. 


·         Research niche competition: This allows you to gather ideas based on what your competition is doing.  

A person in a yellow seater site ad a wooden desk, typing on a computer.

How to Make Your Content for All, While Still Targeting Your Niche

·         Keep an eye on what’s trending: Following popular trends that fit well with your content to gain the attention of a wider audience. 

·         Be personable: This helps you reach outside your audience, build rapport with them, and educate them on something they may not know, but is still easy to learn due to your overall tone and presentation of the topics.   Having a personable tone also shows ease of knowledge and can position you as a popular authority in the niche. 

·         Be an expert: Asking questions, creating lists, and writing “how to” articles are very popular blog ideas.  People who are looking for these types of blogs will see you as a thought leader in your niche, hopefully bringing steady and new traffic. Use visuals and concrete evidence to back up what you are saying, and you’ll be well on your way to being an expert. 


·         Know how to answer common questions in your niche: This will bring new people looking to get common questions answered to you.

Beware of Going to Niche

If you find yourself with little to no competitions or audience, you may have gone too niche.  If you are targeting the very specific niche of “computers for husbands with eye problems” rather than “computers for people with eye problems” you may run into these issues. Remember, absolutely no competition means absolutely no traffic. 

No matter the size of your business, you can benefit from targeting your niche with good, quality content.  Contact Spectrum Net Designs today to learn more about our content writing services and see how we can increase traffic to you!