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Creating a Logo that Lasts...

Creating a logo is part of an important part of branding your business. Branding your business is one of the most important things that you will in the life of your company. Branding is all about coming up with every thing that will represent your company, your website presence, your logo, your social media interaction & so much more. Your product, website, customer service should all reflect a specific, unique, and unified brand for your consumers. So, what ARE some things to consider as you begin the process of creating a logo for your website?

NUMBER ONE: A Logo is just one small part of this process and is something that takes a lot of time and thought – I mean, you want to be with your company for many years right?
So, take the time, do some research & take a look at logos that have not only been successful but also stood the test of time for various companies. 

NUMBER TWO: Less is more when it comes to your logo, keep your design simple, this will risk less as elements go out of style as the years pass, keeping it simple will lessen the amount of things with the option to go out of style.

creating a lasting logo

Remember to keep your logo with correct sizing, your brand should be able to shrink for a business card all the way up to a billboard and not lose any of the crispness of the original, this is an important design aspect to getting your logo ready for use.

NUMBER THREE: Many entrepreneurs decide that it’s a good idea to try and design a logo for themselves, but in the long run this can end up costing more money than investing in a professional graphic designer from the get-go. Professional designers know what colors to use & how to execute a plan in order to make you a logo that will accurately not only represent your company but also in a way that will last & stand the test of time. Even if you have a vision for your logo, it is best to seek the help from a professional to make sure that your logo is being created correctly & also in a way that will positively impact your business.

NUMBER FOUR: Make your logo a way to tell your story…sounds cliché right? But your logo can be a representation of what your company is all about, the story that you want your consumers to see & hear when looking at your company. A story will help your consumer connect with your company & the people behind it!

Need to Share Your Logo Ideas With a Graphic Designer?