How Does A Mobile Responsive Website Affect Your User Experience?
mobile responsive user experience

How Does A Mobile Responsive Website Affect User Experience

Does Mobile Responsive Really Matter?

Is your website mobile responsive? What does mobile responsive actually mean? Is mobile responsive different from “mobile friendly”? These might be a few questions that have crossed your mind while hearing the terms “mobile responsive” or “mobile friendly” – and they are valid questions to be asked. According to Statista in 2019, a whopping 3.2 billion people were smart phone users. Let that sink in for a minute, 3.2 billion mobile device users, and that is not even counting other mobile devices such as tablets. Seeing that large number of mobile users hopefully sparks an idea of how important having a website that is accessible on mobile devices is. Let’s break down the term “mobile responsive” so that we can understand the term a little bit better and hopefully gain some understanding of how it can affect your users experience.

What IS mobile responsive web design?

Mobile Responsive Web Design is a fairly simple idea, but not as simple of an idea to bring to fruition. A mobile responsive website is a website that is designed to adjust certain aspects or elements of the web page based on the device that is being used. These elements mainly include text, images, and buttons but truly carry across the board to all parts and pieces of your site. The flexible and adjusted elements of your site should allow for a much more basic and straightforward user experience, eliminating the need to zoom in on text or buttons or horizontal scroll to see various elements of the web page.

Mobile responsive vs. mobile friendly

Hopefully, you now have a good understanding of mobile responsive – so what is the difference between mobile responsive and mobile friendly? Mobile friendly is a generic term that refers to a website that can be used on both mobile devices and desktop devices without changing or shifting any elements – only the scale of the sight changes. This can make certain parts of a website challenging such as menu navigation.

mobile responsive website

How does mobile responsiveness affect user experience?

To give you just a small idea of how your websites mobile responsiveness can affect your user experience we have scrounged the web to find some of the most surprising statistics when it comes to your website. 
-Did you know that 72% of users want a mobile ready website – and are more likely to revisit a website that is mobile responsive. That means that if your website is NOT mobile responsive, you have a significantly less chance of your visitor returning to your site in the future. Which is the opposite of what we want!
28% of American adults consider themselves to be online almost constantly while a large 80% of American adults are online either almost constantly or several times a day. People are online a lot more than ever before, and your business website should be easy for them to find and navigate no matter how each user chooses to be online!
-A study done by Tyton Media showed that 94% of web users have used a companies website as means of trust or mistrust in a brand. Your website says a lot about your business, and this study shows that! Each user that visits your website will begin to make conclusions about your brand…likely without even realizing it! Which means that your website has a lot of influence when it comes to your brand – make it count!

As you can see, a businesses website has a large amount of power when it comes to your user’s experience. A negative experience on your website can cause negative feedback of your entire brand. As a business it’s crucial to make things as easy as possible for your users when it comes to navigating through your website – on any and all devices.

Mobile responsive web design is an important part of your website and brand presence – and has the power to build up or tear down your brand. If you are uncertain of your website’s mobile usability, contact us today. We would love to help you analyze your website.

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