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Google Updating Mobile First Index Review

Mobile First Index Update?

Mobile-first Indexing means that Google will mainly use the mobile version of your websites content when it comes to indexing and ranking. In the past, a websites desktop version was mostly used in the index but now because the majority of users are searching with a device, the index will primarily be geared towards those users with the mobile versions of the websites. Here is a short blurb on 

Google Updating Mobile First Index?
Search Engine Journal: Roger Montti

“The search community took to Twitter and Facebook to note an increase in mobile first inclusion notices from Google Search Console. Strong anecdotal evidence points to significant update in Google’s mobile first index. Many are reporting unprecedented levels of email alerts from Google Search Console that sites they are monitoring have been migrated to the Google’s Mobile First Index.

Is this a Google Algorithm Update?

No. I would not call this a Google Algorithm Update. This is a mobile index update, the index appears to be growing. A Google Update generally refers to a change in the ranking algorithm. What the search marketing community may be noticing is a change to the index that Google users to begin the ranking process. The change being noted is that more websites have been included into Google’s mobile first index.”

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