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Effective Photo Marketing Techniques: How to Use Them

Photography & Image Marketing: Ideas to Help You Your Business

Photo marketing is a no so common topic in the marketing world today, does it really exist? Could it actually be considered its own branch of marketing? We decided to collect the facts on photo marketing and let you decided for yourself.

So what is “photo marketing”? It’s a fairly simple idea, photo marketing is the use of marketing through visual aspects on your website or other means.  Utilizing photos and visuals for your marketing and different materials could be one of the most important aspects, and possibly cost effective ways you could take advantage of for your campaigns.


When you are building your marketing and promotional material for print or on your website, you want to make sure that you have a plan for what you want as far as content.  Your content can be images, photography, text, pdf’s and much more.   On most business websites, it’s a good idea not to get too carried away with the amount of text that you use. There are minimal limits and search engine best practices to remember regarding the text and content.  Pictures and photography can realistically make or break your site. Humans are visual beings and thrive off of stimulation.  It’s a great way to show people, what you offer, what they are getting and explain your product without a ton of text.  The consumer likes to see what they are getting into, and honestly it’s a great way to market your product or service.

Photo marketing can be done with more than just your website and promotional material.  When you think about photography,  you think about Social Media as well.  Instagram specifically, has quickly grown to be one of the most popular ways to market your business services or products through visual representation. 

Being that Instagram was made for image based marketing through photos and images, take advantage of the opportunity and make your feed one worth following.

1. Display your product in a new way, make it aesthetically pleasing for your followers and prospect clients. Businesses need to be careful with product photos, it’s important to make sure the layout and way that you display doesn’t form a “spammy” look.

2. Go behind the scenes. Show your clients the process behind the product or the service. Highlight the pieces and parts of your company that make you different from any one else out there. Break down your business into bite-size pieces that are easily understandable.

3. Showcase WHY a consumer needs your product…what is the need you are filling? What is the problem you are solving? Show that! Consumers want to fix their problems, so show them that you can!

4. Don’t be timid, show the fun parts of your company. It could be showing your employees getting crazy on a Friday, or possibly a perk that your consumers receive for being a loyal customer. Be honest and open about your business, showing that you value the people you work with and are around.

With anything on the web, you also want to make sure that you have content that can be optimized for your site and also the search engines like Google and Bing.   Search engine optimization is what you will use to help filter traffic to your site. This is a process in which you place tags and meta data on your site in order for search engines to read your site and crawl it more effectively.   From naming your pages, pictures, images, and optimizing your content for organic search results, you could be spending less for pcc advertising. 

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