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Earthworm Castings Unlimited | Waterford, MI

About Earthworm Castings Unlimited

Earthworm Castings Unlimited is a .5-0-0 pure earthworm castings manufacturer, bag wholesaler and bEarthworm Castings Unlimitedulk distributor located in Waterford, Michigan. It is the mission of Earthworm Castings Unlimited to educate others to recognize earthworm castings as the absolute best soil enricher, potting soil mix or plant food on the market today. ECU aims to further educate others about the versatility of earthworm castings for all outdoor & indoor gardening purposes; whether it’s with your garden ,house plant pots and hangers, greenhouse and/or farming. ECU’s earthworm castings are an eco-friendly alternative to the hazardous toxic chemical fertilizers found in stores today.

To read more about Earthworm Castings Unlimited, visit their website.

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