What Does Domain Authority and SEO Have in Common...

Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Link Juice & How They Affect Your Search Engine Optimization

What is Domain Authority & Page Authority?

Domain Authority is a search engine optimization ranking score that predicts how well a website will rank on the search engine results pages. This tool was developed by Moz. A domain authority score ranges from 1-100. The higher score you have, the greater ability your site has to rank. How does this tool work? Well, domain authority is calculated by evaluating linking root domains and number of total links into a single score. More specifically, domain authority is a way to measure the link profile of a website.

Page Authority is similar to domain authority but this is based on a page by page basis of  how each page’s strength’s affect the pages combined ranking to offer better ranking and authority to the domain’s overall power.


What is Link Juice?

Link Juice is a term used to reference the value of a specific link to a website or page. The higher quality the pages are, the more link juice there will be, and it will tend to rank higher on Google. So how do websites get more link juice? They do this by creating authoritative, useful, and trustworthy content, continually advertise, promote good website content in front of the right audience, and more. A good way to measure and calculate link juice is by Moz Domain Authority.

How Do They Impact SEO?

Domain Authority gives owners of websites a rough estimate on how they rank in Google compared to everyone else. They do this by looking at the links and link juice. Adding good, trustworthy links then to your website, which inform your clients, you will rise in the search engine rankings. Don’t overload your website with links though, because then Google will see it as spam. A good balance is what is necessary.

How Do You Receive Good Authority?

To attract links to your website, the best thing to do is the following:

  • Create useful, trustworthy, and valid content
  • Improve the strength and popularity of your company
  • Continual promote and advertise your company
  • Be sure your content is seen by the correct audience
  • Contribute content to other sites
  • Link to other sites that get high traffic

There are more ways to get links to your website, but these are just a few. Once your website is seen as an authoritative and reliable source, it will become more popular and increase in traffic and links, and therefore your domain authority score will be higher.