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A Step-by-Step Guide for Windows 10 Email.
If you would rather print off the instructions for easier reading click the PDF icon to the right. This document contains screenshots of each step for easy to follow instructions to complete Android mobile email setup.

*** Please Note ***
Prior to completing below steps please be sure to replace "" with your email address

Step One: Open "Mail" on Windows 10

Before opening your Mail App it’s a good idea to have your email username, password, and website domain ready if you have an existing account setup.

Step Two: If you already have an account setup, then click the "gear" icon in the lower left of your screen.

The gear icon is an icon that represents “settings”

Step Three: Manage & Add Account

Within the settings sidebar, click “Manage Accounts” – then click “Add Account”

Step Four: Scroll Down and click, "Advanced Setup" and add "Internet Email" account

Scroll down the popup and click “Advanced Setup”. You will then be prompted to which kind of account you’d like to add, please select “Internet Email

Step Five: Fill out all Internet email account fields

Filling out the internet email fields correctly is as follows.

  • “Email Address” and “User Name” must match exactly – both should be your full email address (ie:
  • “Password” This should be your existing accounts password
  • “Account Name”: again this will be your full email address (the same as fields “Email Address” and “User Name”)
  • In the “Send Your Messages using this Name” you can fill in accordingly with the format you desire
  • “Incoming Email Server”: Type in
  • “Account Type” you will need to select the option “IMAP4”
  • “Outgoing (SMTP) email server”: Type in
  • Verify BOTH check boxes are selected next to “Require SSL for Incoming Email” and “Require SSL for Outgoing Email”
  • Click “Sign In”

Step Six: Wait For A Connection - Click Done

***** Please Note *****
If emails do not start downloading, click the “Sync This View” button near the middle top.
Sync will typically finished in approx. 1-3 hours, but it will depend on how many emails you have and the speed of your internet connection.

(Please note that if you have a lot of emails it can take up to 48 hours for all of your emails to sync.)