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Creative Swipe Phrases for Copy Writing to Use Today

Ah swipe phrases, our saving grace

Every time you go to write your copy you may not have that whole ‘got 8 hours of sleep, just drank a pot of coffee, let’s get this done’ sort of attitude. After all, you just wrote an amazing, awe-inspiring article – and now you have to figure out what’s going to make people click over to it? Sounds like a job to save for tomorrow.

But never fear! Swipe phrases for copy writing are here!

Swipe phrases are essentially a collection of great marketing tactics you’ve seen others use in the past. Many writers and marketers keep a list stored away for days when they are lacking inspiration, are struggling to properly get their point across, or can’t quite connect with their clients/readers/users. The trick is to take what others have done and spin it for your own industry. Your take on it will look different depending on your campaign, article, or client base and may take a minute or two to think up, but at least you’re halfway there!

swipe phrases for copy writing

Here are a few copy writing swipe phrases for you to use next time you need a little boost of creativity.


If you’re anything like me….
If I could do this, you can too…
We know it’s annoying to hear ___ but….___
We’d ask you to trust us on this, buy hey we’d rather you decide for yourself…
We’ve been there….


So what brought you here?
What is ___ worth to you?
HEY YOU – yeah, the one about to scroll past this…


Here’s what worked for us
Do you need a solution for ____?


It’s 99.9% likely that after you read this you will want to/know how to…
100% of people who like pizza also like our product
Even your technologically challenged grandma can use our product.

***Bonus tip***
We know that the most obvious places for copy writing are social media captions and article descriptions, but here are a few places to think about revamping your copy to build your brand voice:

  • Contact Pages
  • Email and Newsletter Signups (see what Velocity Partners did with theirs  —>)
  • Free download response messages (download a free image from Reshot and see what happens… we dare you)
  • Terms and Conditions Intros
  • FAQ Sections (check out Cards Against Humanity’s)
swipe phrases for copy writing

-Velocity Partners

We want to give credit when credit is due – here are some of the sites we found these swipe phrases on!
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