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Can Your Customers Find Your Google Business Listing?

It is extremely important to have your business listing set up on Google. Not only does it help new customers find your company, it also helps with your search engine optimization. When a customer searches for a product or service, Google will bring up a handful of listings on a map that are near their location or the location they searched for. The information in the listing includes a general description of the company, directions to the store, business hours, contact information such as  phone number and website, and even popular shopping times! Additionally, users can see reviews left by other customers, as well as photos of the business and its products uploaded by the owner or other consumers! This is valuable information that helps potential customers learn more about your business, making it more likely that they will select your store to visit. 

From a search engine optimization standpoint, having your Google business listing set up is icing on the cake of SEO. Google is literally giving your company an additional spot of free real estate that you can use to connect more content and keywords to your website. This helps to increase your company’s visibility, leading to more user traffic. Make sure to take advantage of this by optimizing your business listing for keyphrases that you are hoping to rank for! Fill out the form below to talk to one of our representatives about your Google Business Listing!

Is Your Listing Accurate and Optimized?

Learn how keeping your Google Business Listing and other listings when accurate and optimized can help your customers find and use your business!

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