5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Conversion Rate | Marketing

How to Capitalize on Your Customer Engagement

We all know that social media is one of the best ways for a company to interact with its customers. We spend so much time on our phones and our social media feeds that we are likely to engage with a company’s most recent post – which then results in us converting over to the company’s product or service. However, it can be challenging to obtain the social media conversion rate that you are looking for. Afterall, you are competing against hundreds if not thousands of other posts to win the attention of your users. You can count yourself lucky if people even see your post, let alone engage with it. If you’re looking to increase your social media conversions, make sure that you understand how your customers engage with your social media. We’ve come up with a few tips that will help you use your resources to boost your social media conversion rates.

Build Social Proof

Which are you more likely to buy, a pair of shoes that has no reviews on Amazon, or a pair that has a 5-star rating with over 200 positive reviews? We as humans are skeptical of companies that are trying to sell things to us. We trust the opinions of other people to help us determine if a company truly provides the amazing product or service that they boast. What you need to do is build the same social proof for your social media feed that reviews and ratings bring to products and services on your website. This looks like engaging with users who love your brand. Create a hashtag for people to use when posting pictures wearing or using your products, reshare customer posts on your own page, or simply dress up the written reviews you have with some graphics and post them straight to your feed! Customer confidence gives your company additional authenticity. People will be more likely to engage with your brand once they know that others have had positive experiences with you.

Focus Your Efforts

While it’s great that social media allows us to reach a wide demographic,

social proof

when trying to increase your conversions you will want to pick a specific audience that you want to focus on. If you know who is likely to interact with your page to and convert over, make sure that the content that you are posting appeals directly to them. Additionally, when pushing out paid advertising, make sure to specify your audience so that your budget isn’t wasted. You don’t want an ad that is supposed to be promoted to women from age 22-35 to show up in the feeds of women aged 45-60 – or worse, MEN’S feeds aged 45-60. Selecting a target audience for your ads will result in your content being displayed to people who are already more likely to engage with your brand, allowing you to bet that they will convert over. Having a focused audience provides a major ROI in the world of conversions.

Do Some Testing

So you’ve determined your audience, but you want to know what they are more likely to respond to. Colors, phrases and images have drastic connotations in our brains and can be incredibly helpful or hurtful to your campaign depending on what you do with them. A/B testing is a method of presenting slightly different versions of the same post or ad to customers in order to see which one is better received. For instance, having the phrase ‘Buy It Now’ on a call to action that takes you to a general shopping page may have less luck than the phrase ‘learn about our products’ – it all depends on your customers! Create different versions of your ads with variations on colors, fonts and images and then monitor how they do until you can determine exactly what makes a user click over to your page.

Engage with Users

Besides adding to your social proof showing that you are a personable and engaging company, directly engaging with users can bring you great insights that you can then turn around to use to increase conversions. If you answer someone’s question in your comments, they will probably be more likely to continue their shopping experience with your company. If you ask followers if they have any questions for you or if they want to know something particular about your company, you are presented with easy topics to blog about that you know people will be interested in clicking over to read – they asked for the topics themselves! Engaging with your users will also help you get to know them and what they are interested in, allowing for more focused content later.

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Keep it Clean

Make sure to keep your conversion links clean and clearly visible to users. Post your links in your bio on different social platforms so that users can easily find where they need to click. For any links in your text, make sure to keep them before the “more…” so that people can convert one click earlier than they would if they had to expand your content to find the link. Make sure that any pages that your links are going to are mobile friendly and responsive – you don’t want someone converting over only to bounce of your page before it fully loads because it’s taking too long! Once they are on your page, make sure that any email marketing prompt or landing page that comes up is clear so that individuals know where they can enter their information. Yay for more conversions for you!

These are just a few ways that you can improve your social media conversion rate. Taking into consideration who your audience is allows you to focus your content and thus, increase the likelihood that your social media users will engage with your brand. If you are looking for any additional help managing or increasing your social conversions, contact us today to see what we can do for you!