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How To Overcome Writers Block

Writers block…everyone has heard of it, and chances are if you have ever blogged for your business, written a report, have done independent blogging or any type of writing that is longer than a couple of paragraphs, you mayb have experienced it too. Just in case you haven’t heard of this mysterious confusion, writer’s block is defined by the dictionary as, “the condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.” But others have a different approach to this “condition”, Jeff Goins claims that, “writer’s block is an excuse. Nothing more.” So, what is actually keeping your creative juices from flowing?

Most people agree that the cause of writer’s block more than likely originates within the author, so here are some ideas of what could be causing you to experience a shortage in inspiration and how you can take steps to fixing it. 


fear of writers block

The most common cause of writer’s block is fear. Fear covers many facets of what could be causing your creativity to flee you. Who or what causes all this fear to exist within us? Maybe it was criticism of your writing in the past, or a bad experience with someone telling you that you wouldn’t make it. Although these are understandable reasons to fear moving forward with your writing they are not valid excuses, and we as writers need to move forward conquering this fear.


Most writers who experience self-doubt are scared that their idea isn’t good enough or that their article writing won’t make the cut. There are many resources and ways to overcome self-doubt as a writer so that you can move forward in confidence. We all have a little self-doubt in each of us everyday whether it’s the big or the little.


tips to overcome writers block

High standards are a common cause for writers block. Authors and writers have this idea of the amazing product they will produce after the first draft, and that simply isn’t practical…now don’t get me wrong, this may happen once in a blue moon, but more than likely, the first draft you write will need some work and revision. Give yourself some wiggle room and a reality check to make sure you aren’t being blocked by your unreachable standard.



General exhaustion and sleep deprivation can play a huge roll in our performance as writers and authors. Exhaustion comes in every shape, size, and variation, but ultimately it can affect more than just our physical performance. Fatigue challenges your body and your mind. It can take a huge toll on our creative and thought process too!


Many artists claim that structure limits their creative ability, but we disagree…structure forces one to be productive and create content. In other words, structure kicks laziness to the curb. It doesnt matter if the content isn’t top notch or needs some revision, most people experiencing writer’s block will just be happy to have written something after a dry spell.

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After reading all the different possibilities of why you could be experiencing writer's block, here is how we suggest moving forward...

1. Find the root of what is causing your lack of zing and acknowledge the issue. Are you just tired or are you placing too high of an expectation on what should be just a “rough draft”? Whatever the cause may be, acknowledge it so you can find the right course of action.

2. Give yourself some grace…remember, it’s OK not to write knockout content 24/7. Professional sports players do not play 1005 every single game, and you don’t have to either! Give yourself permission to write some bad articles, ones that no one will read, but get it out!

3. Start new with some structure. Get a plan of action and execute. Structure may not be a favorite topic in the creative world, but having a plan will almost surely help you overcome writer’s block.

4. Listening to music always helps relax your mind and get your creative juices flowing. It could be any type of genre. Some people get inspired by country music, others by rap; there isn’t a right or wrong here, it is all about inspiration.

5. Change your environment. Find a place that speaks to you, it’s OK to take a step out of a constricting environment.

6. Some other things that you can do to get your creative to flow would be just to walk away, find an activity or play a game, read a book, go for a walk or jog, spend time with someone special or drink some coffee

There are many things to get yourself back on track with your writing, so find what works for you and do it!

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